World time and timezones

World Time and Timezones

Everytime Zone (Visual respresentation of current world time – Based on your home PC locations’ time) –

Time and Date – (Time Zone conversion Tools) –

    – Time and date – Create blank calendar –

  • Timezone Tools – Time zone Converter, Meeting planner, Event Time (World time schedule), Time Zone map, Time zone Abbreviations, Time zone news, Daylight saving time, Time changes worldwide, Time difference.
  • Calendar – Year Calendar (Catered to specific countries with Holidays and Moon Phases), Easy Print PDF calendar, Holidays Worldwide.
  • Sun and Moon – Sun Calculator, Moon Calculator –, Moonphases, Eclipses, Seasons, Day and night map, Moonlight world map.
  • Timers – Countdown to any date, New Year countdown, Timer, Stopwatch.
  • Calculators – Date to Date Calculator (Duration), Business Date to date (Duration – ex holidays), Date calculator (Add/Subtract), Business Date (Exclude holidays), International Dialling Codes, Distance Calculator, Distance signpost, Travel time calculator, Weekday calculator, Week number calculator.

* Time and Date – World clock (Current times around the world) –
* Time and Date – World time zone map –
Time and date – Create a custom printable calendar –

** Timebie – Time zone converters and time portal –
– Sunrise / sunset, Daylight savings, Multiple time conversion, cities times.

** White Pages Australia – World time –

Wikipedia – Timezone –
Wikipedia – List of time zones by country –
Wikipedia – International date line –
Wikipedia – Daylight saving time –
Wikipedia – Daylight saving time by country –
Wikipedia – Coordinated Universal time –
Wikipedia – List of UTC timing centres –
Wikipedia – Summer time in Europe (Daylight savings) –

World Time Buddy –
World Time server –
World Time Zone –

Scheduling Resources
Google Calendar –
Jetlag Rooster (Sleep pattern tool to help avoid jetlag) –
Team up (Shared Calendar) –