Water access and hygiene

Treating water (purification) and waterborne diseases

A major area where even the most diligent traveller can get caught out is to do with water quality. In developing countries where it’s advisable to buy bottled water or do water treatment, you can be tempted to drink straight from the tap instinctively. This can happen when you are brushing your teeth (which has happened to me and you find out the next day when you are running around finding the closest toilet – not good). In your hotel room there should be complimentary bottles of water available, but may vary from 500ml bottles all the way to being supplied with 3-4 litre containers. If you believe your water supply won’t last you usual water consumption during the day, then simply pay a visit to a local convenience store or ideally a supermarket where prices are more economical. It’s better to have more water available than less.

If you are in a region where bottled water supply is not readily available or if you are in remote areas, then treating the tap water will be your only course of action.

There are various ways of making the water potable and sterile for your use – ranging from boiling the water and passing it through a filtering system to water treatment tablets (on the packet they will direct you to how to use the tablets and the amount of water each tablet can treat). ‘Aquatabs’ is a form of tablet which can be found here. http://www.aquatabs.com/

On the market now, are more innovative products which provide a more convenient and easily accessible to the general public. ‘Steripen’ uses UV rays to sterilise the water for consumption (I’ve never used it, but it’s worth a go). http://www.steripen.com/

My recommendation is to take 2 or more forms of water purification methods, to ensure that you have the tools to have fresh drinking water.

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