What Does the World Eat for Breakfast?

I’ve always been fascinated by world cultures and how each culture has its own traits in terms of food, mannerisms, dance and clothing. The element that most contrasts and brings difference in terms of multiculturalism is food. Whether it be Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Indian or any other culture; the foods shape how a culture is defined and enjoyed in a tangible manner. This great video provides a simplistic snapshot of how diverse our cultural tastes are. Enjoy!

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Hacking language learning: Benny Lewis at TEDxWarsaw – Video

Learning a new language. It’s something that everyone has on their new years resolution list for either family reasons, travel, employability or simply to broaden skills. But for many people the follow through in learning drops off – and that’s only for one language. I recently came across a book ‘Fluent in 3 months’ from Benny lewis, claiming to explain techniques as to how to effectively learning multiple languages and having the outcome at intermediate or greater understanding.

These types of titled books tend to put me off, as they remind me of the ‘get rich quick’, ‘get slim quick’ and other claimed immediate result books – which many flop more like a sack of potatoes. Surprisingly I was intrigued by the read from Benny lewis and I took away certain knowledge from the book. The talk he has done at the Warsaw tedX convention is along the same lines, and even if you’re skeptical about this, it’s certainly a thought-provoking video on how our minds can develop learning.

Happy learning

– Anth

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Kiva Microfinance loans – Rethinking how we give – Video

For quite sometime now, I’ve been active on the Kiva Microfinance website and I thought it about time I share this with you. Kiva is a website where you can lend money to individual projects around the world to people or groups in areas such as health, retail, agriculture, business and much more. Once the loan requirement has been satisfied, then the loan recipient has a schedule of repayments they should meet in order to repay the assistance they have been granted.

Through the time you receive updates on the progress of the moneys’ effect on their lives and how the repayments are going. What sets Kiva apart from the usual charities, is that it’s not given to anyone in a laissez faire manner. But rather requires the overseas recipient to be responsible for creating their own success on the back of their ideas and resources available, where the money helps give the kickstart or boost for more success. To empower people rather than create dependency I believe is the way forward in sustainable world assistance and this is why after 50 Kiva loans, I’m still lending out to new great ideas.

Not not sound preachy, i highly recommend visiting http://www.kiva.org and to create your own change in the world – even if its a simple 25 USD dollar loan from your PC. You won’t regret it!

– Anth

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Japans’ Golden Route – Video

Having come back from Japan and still sifting through all the images (around 3,000 of them), words pretty much cannot articulate the scenery and experiences of being there. What can is a video I found, showcasing the areas of Japan which i visited – Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. A small snapshot of a new romance with a country I now want to visit again – more than ever.

– Anth

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Sydney New Years Eve – Video

Last new years eve, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Sydney to experience the massive fireworks they put on. We booked tickets on a harbour cruise and had a great spot on the harbour. Caught up in the awe of the moment, I didn’t dare take any video – as i wanted to enjoy the here and now. I did take many photos though. So i’ll let another person show you what it was like – in this video.

Wishing you all a very happy new year!

My new years resolution: Be more carefree, adventurous, be daring to travel more often, enjoy every moment and develop a fresh start in a new career. and who knows, I even plan to visit Sydney again for next years NYE 😉

– Anth

WestJet Christmas Miracle – Real-time giving – Video

Christmas is a time for being with family, taking time out and for giving. In some cases the giving can be lavish – think oprah and the car giveaway lavish. The savvy people at Westjet (A Canadian airliner) came up with a big surprise of their own for one of the Toronto to Hamilton Flights. I won’t say too much, but that you really have to admire the logistics behind this epic surprise they had undertaken.

– Anth

P.S – Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to all followers and fellow travellers of ‘Life through the Lens’. Here’s to many more adventures in the new year 2015.

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Estadio Santiago Bernabeu – Real Madrid Stadium Redevelopment

Having visited magnificent Madrid and all its cultural charm, one landmark that stands out is the football mecca of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu – home to the successful local Real Madrid football club. One of the world’s most valuable sporting clubs (and probably rolling in as much  money as it pays its players), they have recently released redevelopment proposals for the stadium to be completed by 2020.

Its futuristic design of the stadium wrapped by a large LED exterior will showcase video footage of the clubs sucesses, while inside will play host to a retail precinct and mixed use premises. Complete with a seamless retractable roof, the stadium is certainly ambitious emough to put forward such a plan in light of the economic situation in Spain currently. The project already faces an immediate challenge with legal matters, so whether this project comes to light will yet to be seen.

Singapore Changi Airport – Jewel Project

Having recently returned from my trip in Singapore, I’d thought I’d seen all the amazing sights and developments in the city-state. Looking to equal (or exceed) the sheer awe of the Gardens by the Bay project, the ‘Jewel’ project to be built-in between the 3 major terminals of Singapore Changi Airport, proves a stunner.

In short, the project (which started construction this week) will consist of a giant glass dome with a lush rainforest garden,  complete with waterfall and underneath a multi level shopping mall. Complete with multi level car park – how very Singaporean. Having been voted the best airport in the world annually, this new project is sure to tempt travellers to arrive to the airport with ample time to enjoy the city within a city. The concept and visualisation of the project is jaw dropping to say the least.

Have a look at the video below for the visualisation.

– Anth

More info: http://www.jewelchangiairport.com/