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If you are in an emergency, then the other page which details travel emergencies and insurance details provides essential information – Travel Emergency page

Information about eating and drinking safely can be found here: Eating and Drinking safely

Also health related is a list of recommended Medications and Toiletries, which can be found here: Medicines and Toiletries


Health (Travel)

Australian Department of health –
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Australian Department of health – Travel health information –
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* Bed Bug Registry (Reportings of instances of bedbugs around the world) –

Better Health Channel – Victoria –
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** Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) – General Travel (Including specific country health advice and health alert notices) –
Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) – Diseases and conditions –
Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) – Travel yellow book (Reference guide for travel health) –
– 2018 edition –

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Emergency health wallet card –
Fit for travel UK – (Destination health guides – including excellent malaria maps and also other health information) –
Health Direct (Practical health advice and resources – Australia government) –
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International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT) (World Air quality alerts, health information by country) –
International certificate of vaccination (Carte Jaune) –
International society of travel medicine – Worldwide travel health clinic directory –
International Travel Vaccination Centre (Travel clinics and online travel advice – including health conditions) –

Malaria Map – CDC (Shows an updated visual representation of malaria affected areas) –
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– World map (Travel health conditions per country) –
– ABC Guide to travel health – Conditions –
– Before you go –
– Staying healthy on board –
– Staying healthy while Away –
– Staying healthy upon return –

Travel Medicine Alliance (Travel health clinics and health advice) –

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Travelvax Australia (Corporate travel vaccinations and health advice) –
– Checklist –

Vaccine hub (By Sanofi) –

Victorian government – Better health – Health conditions –
– Yellow fever immunisation –

Victorian government – Department of health – Immunisation -
– Yellow fever vaccinations –

Wikihow – Animal and insect safety –
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World Health Organisation – and
World Health Organisation – Country health profiles and updates –
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Yellow Fever Information Website –

Before departing for overseas travel (Key considerations)
• Consult your doctor before travelling if you have any medical concerns about making a long journey, or if you suffer from a respiratory or cardiovascular condition.
• Plan for the destination –will you need any vaccinations or special medications?
• Get a good night’s rest before the flight
• Eat lightly and sensibly.

Medical Tourism

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Dental tourism –
Medical tourism risks –

Medical Tourism wiki –
World Hospital Ratings –

South East Asian Centres
– Bumrungrad Hospital – Bangkok, Thailand –
– Gleneagles Medical Centre – Singapore –
– Prince Court Medical Centre – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia –


General Tips:

Far too often, travellers’ trips are affected by illness or sickness due to dodgy food, water or air quality. There is no possible way to avoid you having an unfortunate experience of illness on the road, but there are many simple ways of treatment and minimising your risk.

The below links provide great points of reference on how to take care of yourself and also immunisations which may be required to the region your are travelling to.

In regards to immunisations, the main regions where they are mandatory (especially for Australian travellers is Africa and the Latin American regions where yellow fever immunisation is required (amongst other requirements) – the websites provided will detail specifically what is advisable and what is considered mandatory to be able to enter and exit the nations you want to travel to.

For other regions, it usually just the water quality that is a major issue and also Malaria precautions – especially when the area you are travelling to is known for large mosquito populations.


Flight Specific Health Matters

Medical Clearance
– When fitness of travel is in question, require medical equipment, medical condition which is on the carrier’s air Medical travel clearance guidelines.
– Require to complete a medical travel clearance form
o Addreses health and also required equipment
– Medical certificate
o Required for medications which you are taking overseas
o Need to check that the destination you are heading to, that the medication is ok to bring into the country
o Important info to carry
– Carry or enclose with the medication a letter form your doctor, with details of the medication, how much you will be taking with you, and stating that the medication is for your personal use;
– Leave the medication in the original packaging so it is clearly labelled identifying the medication, manufacturer’s name or pharmaceutical label, along with your name and dosage.

o Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) subsidised medication out of Australia for reasons other than for personal use is illegal.

Medical Equipment

Inspection prior to your flight, Notice periods, and amount of equipment allowed
Equipment may include:
– Carriage of Medical Oxygen Cylinders

o Ensure that you bring with you the required anaplyaxis / antio allergy medication or remedies.

Scuba Diving & Decompression Sickness
To minimise the risk of decompression sickness, often known as “the bends”, if you who have been scuba diving within 24 hours of your flight departure you will not be permitted to travel.

Communicable Disease and Infection
– Airline staff will make a judgement as to the severity of your illness and whether it poses a major risk to the other passengers on board. This may include someone who has the flu or another type of illness which is easily transmitted – eg air borne.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

– Each airline has their own rules and terms of carriage regarding the transportation of pregnant woman. The specific stage of the pregnancy where the airline will cut off travel differs between each carrier – so always contact your carrier, have a look on the carrier’s website and have approval to fly by the carrier in writing.

– After a certain period of weeks airlines will require you to carry a certificate or letter from a doctor or midwife confirming:
– the estimated date of delivery;
– whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy;
– that the pregnancy is a routine pregnancy and that there are no complications with the pregnancy.

The certificate or letter must be available on request and be carried with you at the airport and during the flight in your cabin baggage.

Post Pregnancy and travel of newborns
Medical clearance is required if you are travelling within 7 days of your delivery date. Infants cannot travel for 48 hours after delivery and need Medical clearance to travel between 3 and 7 days after delivery.

Country Specific Requirements for Pregnant Passengers
Some countries place limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant women. It is best to check with the local consulate to confirm their country specific requirements.


Recommended Reading

There are numerous books out there which detail how to remain healthy, safe and active on your trip. I find Peter Savages’ book ‘The safe travel book’ a source of vast useful information.

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