Travel Health Conditions

Common illnesses

  • Dengue fever

    –              Food poisoning

    –              Fungal infections

    –              Gastro (food and water


    It’s important to be mindful of allergies you may have, whether it is minor or of an anaphylaxis nature. If it’s along the lines of hay fever, then it’s advisable before your depart to pack away antihistamines, as they may not be readily available in your destination. For other minor matters, such as allergies to cut grass and the like, if you are aware of your allergies then you can be mindful to not place yourself in a situation where it will set your body off.

    If your allergies are of a more serious nature, along the lines of peanut allergies and bee sting allergies, it’s best to pack a dose of adrenaline (this is the lifesaving tool where you inject yourself with adrenaline to save yourself and make it to the nearest hospital). Also most importantly explicitly mention your allergies when you are eating out to the waiters and make them aware that if there are traces of substances which you are allergic to in the food, then it can turn into a life or death situation and make the supplier liable. This will certainly make them more diligent in addressing your allergy needs.

    More tips on addressing allergies whilst you are travelling see: Webmd – allergies while traveling –


DVT Health

When travelling (especially by flight) the risk of Deep vein thrombosis is greater than any other time in your life. Sitting for long periods of time without stretching or regular mobility can cause blood clots and also you will notice that your legs will start to feel numb. All airlines have been proactive in addressing this issue, by large signage recommending you move throughout your flight and also within the in-flight magazine, they details simple movements and techniques which will alleviate any instances of DVT. What I’ve found works best is just to around every two hours take a lap around the cabin and do stretches. This allows the opportunity for greater movement than just stretching in your chair. In between this time, you can use your blow up cushion on the floor and like a pumping action back and forth of your feet on the cushion, will allow effective blood flow to your legs.

More information on avoiding DVT and ensuring proper blood flow can be found here:



Jetlag Rooster (Sleep pattern tool to help avoid jetlag) –
Jetlag and sleep planner-

Malaria / Dengue fever and Mosquito / Insect avoidance

General Tropical diseases

Altitude sickness

Travellers who ascend to altitudes greater than 2500m are at risk of developing altitude sickness

 Travellers Diarrohea

Coughs, colds and chest infections


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