Travel Blogs and Photojournalists

If you are keen on becoming a travel blogger or simply wish to check out travel insights from other travel bloggers, these are listed below. The travel blogging resources include writing classes, travel blog marketing and other useful sites which help in blog start-ups.

Also notable travel blogs I’ve come across are listed and provide great first hand accounts of world travel. They even in a sense act as a travel planning resource, where you can find tips, photography and area guides for cities of the world. The links reflect the diversity of travel writing online and the community of other avid travellers roaming the world.

Travel Blog and Photojournalist Directories and Assistance

Travel Blogging Resources / Tips / Courses / Events / Blog awards / Blog money tips / Blogger influencers networks / Public relations

Includes: Sponsored travel by a product company, Model agencies, Online talent. Instagram take over – accounts


100 dollar MBA –
22 – Figure representation and Creative agency

Big bus – Contributors –

Clippings – Showcase journalist or blogger work –
Copyright Australia Authority – and Copywatch (Report copyright breaches) –
Curious Plan –

Hashtag travel society – Travel influencers and brands conecting
Ideas Library – Travel content writing –
International travel writers alliance –

International food, wine and travel writers association-

Karaand nate – How to edit a vlog –
Kiss from the world – Blog community –
Location Indie –

Nanowrimo (Novel writing assistance by Amazon) –
One step forward – Blogging tips –

Paradise pack – Collection of paid travel blogger resources courses –
Peppercorn productions (Travel production company) –

Public relations institute of Australia –
Reporters life – (experience of a reporter) –
Rob Mcfarland (Travel writer – hold classes and writing tours – Australian) –
Secret Bloggers business (Blogging guidance and learning) –

Shorty blogger and social media awards –
Social soup (Social media influencer company) –
Step4ward media (Guest posting, Blogging, copywriting, social media) –
Suitcase Entrepreneur –

Top hashtags – Travel –
Travel Bootcamp (By Lauren Bath) –

Travellers Mindset –

Travel tappers (Travel PR) –

UK Blog awards –

Blogging Host Websites and Travel writing directories 

Vidcon (Video creators conference) (June) –

Artist, Model and Digital Representation:
– Social Media / influencer representation
– Model Agency

Note: representation in each city , country territory – may different per area management

Representation Organisations:
London Mgt Group –

Frequent traveller communities

Global degree –

Travel Blogging tools

Key aspects of blogging

Revenue / income:
Youtube ad revenue
Crowd sourcing – Patreon
Online course – providing
Affiliate income / links
Video licensing
Notification service
Sponsors / Partnerships

Blogger international meetups / events
– Travel influencer meetups and paid trips

Collaborations by companies
Social media
Publications – Print or online based

Blog platforms (Notable)

Genres of blogs:

Genres of useful blogging apps:
Social media integration

Blogging / travel documenting support:
– Sponsored articles
– Scholarships

Travel mediums
– Writing – Blogging, long form, articles
– Film / Video
– Photography / Photojournalism
– Audio / Podcasting

Blogging, Travel influencer activities / Collaboration Types:
Guest blogger
Invitation and write up
Press trips
Influencer meetups
Public relations departments(key contact for bloggers)
Food sponsor
Event guest
Workshops / experiences

Collaborating Company / Organisation Genres:
Travel adventure wear
Tourism authorities
Food companies
Travel agents
Online news websites
Product companies
TV channels or programs
Magazines – paid and airline

Notabke affiliate link programs:

I want that flight –

Travel Blogging Books (Selected)

Blog Directories / Ranking

World Nomads – Travel writing –

Travel Blog and photojournalism sites – General

Note: Many of the blogs below includes pages on successfully running a travel blog, travel city guides, personal travel experiences and even travel planning services.

Includes: World city local stories – eg similar to humans of ny

(For country / regional specific blogs – refer to the ‘Regional International Reference’ Page)


** 20 Years Hence –


Abroad guide (The) –
Adventurous Kate –
A luxury travel blog –
*** A Globe Well Travelled –
A guy named patrick –
Alastair Humphreys – Adventurer –
Alex in Wanderland –
Almost Landing –

* Annapurna Mellor (Photographer and traveller) – and
Art of adventuring –
Atlas and Boots –
A travelogue –
Aussie Nomad (the) –


Backpack Diary (The) –
Backpack Me –
Backpacker Intern –
Backpacking Travel Blog –
Be My Travel Muse – and travel resources -
Beauty and the backpacker (Created by travel journalists – Emma Markezic and Ben Groundwater)
Best life in the world (Ben Southall) – and (Facebook) and

** Beyond the Headlines (Paul Luning – Traveller venturing into dangerous countries around the world) –

Bitten by the travel bug –

*** Blonde Abroad (The) and Pinterest –

Blogger at large –

Boarding Area – Blog Portal –
Bon Traveler –
Borderless Project (The) –
Borders of adventure –

Bre on the road –
Brent Owens –
Broke Backpacker (The) –
Broke Tourist –
Bucketlist Fanily –
Budget minded traveller –
Budget travel talk –
Bushwalking Blog –


Candice does the World –
Carla Coulson (Australian photographer and stylist living in Paris / Amalfi Coast) –
Cassue Depecol – Blogger –
Catriona rowntree (Getaway TV show Australia host)- Journeys to come –
Chris Forsyth – Metro Project – and
Chris Guilebeau – and
Christopher Elliott Travel –
Citizens of the world –
City Lane (The) –
Common wanderer –
Cool Travel Guide – and
** Courtney Scott (YouTube videos and travel blog) –
Craig Tansley (Photojournalist and adventurer) –


Dan Flying Solo –
Davids been here (YouTube video and blog –
Digital Nomad – and
Divergent Travelers –

Don’t forget to move –
Doc Holiday (Kim Kulyer) – Chief travel question guru for Newscorp Australia – (

Drew Binsky –


Eco Traveller Guide –
Eleanor Around the world –
Elenas Travelgram –
Elsewhere Man –

Endlessly Exploring –
ETramping –
Everything Everywhere –
Exile Lifestyle –
Expeditioner (The) –
Expert Vagabond –


Fan Girl Quest (Travels to Film and TV locations around the world) –
Finding the Freedom –
Five dollar Traveller –
Flirting with the globe –
Fluent in 3 months (Benny) –
Flying the nest –
** Foreign list –
From way up high –
Frugal traveller –
Fun for Louis (Travel YouTube videos) –
Further Bound –


Gary pepper girl –
Geeky Explorer –
Getting Stamped –
Gillians lists (Specialising in Italy) –
Ginger wanderlust – Photoshop presets and trael blogging –

Girl tweets world –
Girl Vs Globe –
Global Couple (The) –
Globalect – language oriented blog –
** Global Goose (Work and Travel worldwide) –
– Digital nomad FAQ –
– Travel tips –
– Travel stories – Blog –
Global goose – Remote working and travel –
Global Hobo (Youth oriented travel) –
Globotreks –

Go Backpacking –
Go see write –
Goats on the road –
Gone with the Wynns (USA Roadtrip travel youtube videos and blog) –
Grandeur Traveler –
* Gran tourismo travels (Specialises in Cambodia travel- in addition to world travel) –

Grumpy Traveller –
Gypsea lust –


Hand Luggage Only –
Hecktic Travels –
Hello Sandwich (Australian moved to Tokyo – Tokyo design and travel with travel guide zine available to buy) –
High on life (YouTube adventure videos) –
Her Canberra (Canberra, Australia Blog) –
Her wandering Eyes –
*** Hey Nadine (Travel advice – Great YouTube travel planning videos and amazing Instagram travel images) - and

HJeppesen –
Holidays to Europe – Blog –
Hopscotch the Globe (Travel tips and Videos) –
How far from home –
How to (2) travellers – and Youtube Videos –
Hungry Partier –


Iam a backpacker (Melbourne project) – and
Ill take you to –
Inside the Travel lab –
Impulse Traveller –
Isabella moore –
*** Its Beautiful Here – and


Jacks Gap (Adventure YouTube videos and travels) –
Jake Rich (Adventurer and Youtuber) –
Joel Coleman –
Jon is travelling –
Johnny Jet –
Journey Wonders –
Just Gola – Blog –
Just One way ticket –


Kapchatheworld –
Kara and Nate –
– Frequent flyer blog –
– Interview series –

Kate Boisett –
Keep calm and travel –
*** Kelley ferro (YouTube videos and travel destinations hosting – professional style) –
Kick Ass traveling –
** Kiss from the World –


Lady in London (a) –
Lady Iron Chef (Travel and mainly food blog) –
Lauren Bath – Blog (Professional Instagrammer – Australian) –

Leah Travels –
Leave your daily hell –
Left with louie –
Legal Nomads – Resources –
Levinson wood (Global explorer) – and
Life Before Work Travel – Blog –
Little grey box –
Live Share Travel –
Love Assembly (The) –
Lucy Smiles Away (Good Travel Packing Guides) –
Luxe Adventure traveller –


Man on the Lam –
Mapping Megan –
Matt and Jess Sailing Worldwide (Sold all their items and is sailing the world) –
Matt Donovan – and
Melissa Findley –
Migrationology (Asia Food and Travel Blog) –
Monkeys and Mountains – Laurel Robbins –
Mr Ben Brown (YouTube travel Videos)


Naked Traveller (The) – Tyson Mayr (Australian Adventurer) – and
** Neverending footsteps –
Neverending Voyage –

No impact girl –
Nomadasaurus –
Nomadic Diaries (The) – World explorer –
Nomadic Matt –
– Travel tips –
– Travel blog –
– Guide to travel hacking –
– Travel the world on $50 USD a day –

*** Nomadic Notes (Excellent newsletter – sign up to) – and
*** Nomad Revelations – and Explanations of world flags –
Nomadic Explorers – Melbourne themed blog –
Nomadic Samuel –


Once in a lifetime journey –
One weird Globe –


Pack your passport –
Paper Planes –
*** Passport Packed –
Passion Passport (Portal of submitted Travel articles, Stories and Photography) –
Pedal the world –
Planet D –
Polka dot passport –
Points from the pacific –
Poor Traveller –
Porter Yates Photography –
Professional (Travel) Hobo –
Pro travel blog –



Ramble (the) –
Remote Nomad (The) –
Rick Mereki (Travel filmmaker and adventurer) –
** Roadtrip nation (Youth career direction, travel and adventure) – and book and Facebook and online inspiring show –
Roaming flamingo –
Romanced life (A) – and

Runway girl network –


Sarah Pannell –
Savvy Backpacker (The) –
Seat 61 (Trains) –
Shawn Low –
Shine by Three (Fashion and Travel by Margaret Zhang) –
She went wild –
Shes the contessa –

Shooting the world – Tony Burns –
Simon Ostheimer (Travel journalist) –
Shut up and go travel –
Ski Week (The) – Blog –
Solo Traveler blog –

Somewhere slower –
Sonia Gil Travels – and (Youtube)
Sophee Smiles (Wife of Ben Southall – World’s best job winner) –

Smart way round (The) –
Stay and wander –
Steve Booker – Traveller and lifestyle blog –
Story Travelers -
Struck by Sunshine –
Study Abroad Blog –
Suitcase Stories
Summersite – Youth travel blog –
Sunrise Odyssey –
** Sunset Travellers –


These Foreign Lands –
This is island life –

Thrifty Nomads –
Tim Coulson (photojournalist) – and
Time Travel Turtle (Award winning blog) –
Tim Richards (Travel writer) –
Top Miles –
Tourist 2 townie –
Tour the World – Blog –

Travel and lifestyle –
Travel Candy –
Trav Monkey –
Travel Noire (Coloured travel) –

Travel and beyond –
Travel Culture –
Travel Dudes –
** Travel Drink Dine –
Travelettes –

Travel Freedom podcast –

Travel Hack (The) –

Travel Independent –
Travel Junkie Diary –
Travel Noire –

Travelnuity –

Travel Skills –
Travel Tom Tom –

Travel with Anjaly –
Travel Word (The) –
Travel World Passport –
Travels with JB –

Traveler Universe –

Trip Hackr (Destination guides and travel tips) –
Tropical MBA – Location independence –

True Nomads –
Tuula Vintage –

Twenty Something Travel –
Two Aussie Travellers –
Two Humans Travel –
Two Monkeys Travel –


Uncornered Market –


Vanessa O’Hanlon – Travel –
** Vaga Brothers (Blog and YouTube travel videos) – and
Very Hungry nomads – Travelling to each country –

Voyage Vixens –


Wander Bug (The) –
Wandering Earl –
Wandering Lens –
* Wandering Trader –
Wanderlust movement –
Wanderlust the World –

Wandxr – Van travel –
– Instagram – and
– Videos –
– Facebook –

We are explorers –
Weekender Travel (The) (Destination guides and tips) –
Wendy Perrin –
When on Earth –
Where and Wander (Travel tips and Kien Lam photography) -
Who needs maps –
Wild Heart with a Soft spot (Great Japanese tips) –

Wing woman adventures –
Wise Monkeys Abroad –
WorldHum (Collation of best travel stories on the internet) –
World of Wanderlust –
Wow Travel –



Young Adventuress –
* Y Travel blog –


Instagram / Flickr / Photography Bloggers



Aqua Bumps – Eugene Tan –
A guy named patrick –



Carla Coulson –








Jason Van Miert –

















Citizens of the world –
Daniel Johnson Photographer – Melbourne timelapse photography –
Do you travel –
Ella Marais –
Fistorey – photographer –
Garry Norris –
Hello Emilie –
Jarrad Seng –
– blog –
Jason Charles Hill –
Lauren Epbath –
Leah Mcleanan –
Lucy Laucht –
Mark Clinton –
Matt Glastonbury –
Melissa Findley –
Tegan Lee –
William Patino –

Notable roaming paid photographers / photographic services

Lost in love photography –

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