Tours and Attractions

Organising the timing and location of tours and attractions

– Group attractions (and also tour areas) together and tackle the city by breaking up into areas / districts per day or timeframe.
o Saves transport time and costs
o Then can look at the city one area at a time

Attraction / Sights / Activities Planning Portals

Attraction genres:
Food and Wine
Local hand makers
Festive seasonal (Eg Easter or Christmas)

Attractions – Rankings / awards
World Luxury Spa Awards

City Districts genres

Ethnic / Cultural neighbourhoods eg Chinatown, little Italy
Old architectural areas
Street art
Warehouse / Industrial transformed precincts

Types of Attractions

Adventure parks
Agricultural farm or village

Ancient Ruins / Relics/ Structures

Animal migrations / habitats
Animal rescue centres
Animal sledding
Archaeological site
Architecture – Hotels / accommodation
Architecture – Bars / cafes / retail spaces

Art creation centre
Artisan / creator village
Art complexes
Art galleries – private
Art installations – Examples: Silo paintings in Australia
Art Parks and outdoor galleries

Art school or college
Art works – Public large
Artist / designer showcases and events

Astronomy – Observatories, National parks, deserts and dark sky parks
Attraction – After hours attraction viewing
Attraction – Sunrise / sunset attraction visit
Auction houses

Bath house (Including Japanese style)
Beach and Jungle bars
Beaches (Hidden or secluded – including only accessible by boat or kayak)
– Wikipedia – List of beaches –

Biosphere reserve
Boat houses (Boat hire, events, parks, eateries)

Brewery (Beer / Cider / other similar)
Bridge / Lookout (Scenic)

Cable car / Funicular
Car boot / trash and treasure / flea market
Chillout areas – waterside, parks

Chocolate factory
Church / temple / religious site
Circus arts
City speciality fairs
Community centres / hubs– amenities and developments
Conservation / nature reserve / park
Convention & Exhibition Centre
Coworking spaces / Entrepreneur incubators or offices
Cultural or arts centre
consulate / embassy
Dam / Reservoir – manmade water holding site
Dance performance centres
Dance school – includes international visiting dancers
Dock areas
Dress up

Education – International schools of —
Education locations – eg Universities (eg Harvard)

Entertainment complex or precinct
Ethnic villages
Events / conference centres
Film and TV locations – EG Amazing Race, Survivor and other Sitcoms / Tv shows
Film and TV studios / production sets
Fine arts schools
Fitness areas – Public
Floating barge pool (Separate clorinated water)
Floating club / lounge / recreational area
Floating restaurant
Flower and plant displays
Food Trucks
Fountains / Water features – light and sound

Friends of attractions or location groups – Includes gardens, museums etc.


Gardens – Community
Genocide / places of crimes against humanity
Government business or cultural development hubs – suburbs or satellite towns
Golf driving range

Hand made or gown items – Source Regions or locations of Speciality handmade/grown items (Such as Perfumery in Southern France, Limoncello in the Amalfi Coast, Coffee in Central / South America)

Haunted attractions

Historically significant place / landmark / memorial
Horse riding / horse and cart
Hotel / Pubs – Dining, eating, music and clubs
Hotel bars / Lounges
Hotel – Luxury
Hotels – Architecture and art
Hot springs / Geothermal pools
Indoor Ski Park
Indigenous cultural place or territory
International arts and performance centres / training – notable
International organisation headquarters
Jungle lodge
Kid amusement centres

Lagoons / Natural swimming pools / Centoes / lakes
Libraries / Community centres (Free wifi and local resources)

Local Indigenous / Cultural Tribes
– Local fixers to meet local tribes

Lookouts / observation decks
Manufacturer- Food
Manufacturer – Product

Market / Bazaar / Souk
Markets – Local hand craft markets
Markets – Farmers / Wholesale produce (Seafood, Flowers, fruit and vegetables etc)
Markets – Wholesale goods markets or wholesale shop precincts – such as kitchenware, electronics, cultural goods, fabrics, herbs and spices, food etc.
Military – Former barracks / military base
Motorsport / motorcycle experience centres
Mountain summits (Hikes, trails and walks)
Museums (and Museum shops)
Music institution

National institutes (Education, Arts, University based and other genres)
National Park

Natural Seasonal wonders (Including: Flower Blossoms and Autumn leaves – Jackarandas in Summer in Australia, Cherry Blossoms in Japan, Autumn leaves in Japan / Australia / USA)

Natural springs (water drinking)
Observation deck / Tower
Offices – New commercial offices and buildings – Design
On location (Film and TV) tour
Photography location / effects – Illusion, observation deck photos, attraction, vintage style, Costume dress up, Photobooth
Photo booth – Attraction set up
Photo shoot – old fashioned

Picnic areas

Pools (Man made)
Press clubs (Foreign correspondent centres) –
Reception centres / wedding venues
Restaurant – design, architecture and interior decor

Retail – New mixed retail / food centres or precincts
Rooftop bars
Running tracks / fitness areas
Sand dunes
Schools – Amenities and developments
Schools of art – city and suburban
Shopping mall / Centre
Shrines / memorial (Event)
Shrines / Religious structure

Ski village

Space travel facilities
Sporting Venues / Stadiums / Arenas
Sporting clubs
Stadiums – University grounds based
Cocktail / Specialty drink bar or lounge
Tea house
Traditional dress (local country or region culture) / costume dress up session – eg Maiko in Japan,
Exotic dancer centre
Coffee house / roaster
Food – Speciality food
Food – Grocer (Cultural, produce and other)
Health club
Dive bars

War memorials, shrines or sites of war / conflict remembrance
War sites or relics – Treks, bridges, barracks, walls, forts etc
Steam railway

Universities / educational / library / polytechnic places – Architecture and facilities

Vending machine locations / stores

Walking trails (City, Suburban, jungle, mountain ranges, pilgrimage walks, religious walks)

Secret swimming locations
Highest peaks per country
Snow alpine areas
Desert areas

Wikipedia – List of stadiums by capacity –
Wikipedia – Lists of Stadiums
List of indoor venues –

Wikipedia – Sports venues by country –

Lists of Sports venues in Australia –

Wikipedia – Sports venues in the United States –

Wikipedia – Stadiums under construction in the United States –

World trade centre
Star gazing / Astronomy
State forests

Theme Parks
– Wikipedia – Lists of Amusement parks (By region) –

Trains – Scenic and cog railway
Tunnels / caves / grottos(Including mines, precious metals and stones, Underground rock formations, glowing)

Unusual Accommodation – (Such as Ice hotels in Europe, Plane hotels)

University redevelopments / architecture –
Urban developments – Open spaces, Community squares

Urban parklands – regenerated industrial or train lines
War relics / museums


Wikipedia – List of Waterfalls – Worldwide –

Wikipedia – List of waterfalls – Australia –

Water locks / Canal / Dykes system – Includes Panama and Suez Canal
Water slide (Slide into the water)
Waterslide (mat type)
Wildflower displays
Winery (Grape / Fruit)
Wineyard – accomodation and spa
Zoo / wildlife sanctuary

Live music and gigs
Street art or art hot spots
Breakfast spots
Specialty coffee and roasters
Local publications

Academies – Arts, Music or Performance.
Ancient relics and sites –eg Walls, castles etc.
Archaeological site
Botanic gardens / notable gardens – private and public
Cathedrals / churches
Cemetery / Memorials / Mausoleums
City meeting place/ Crossing / Square
City square
Concert, opera music hall
Dance performance centres
Design studio / Creative spaces
Ferry terminal
Financial district
Food – Bakery
Food – Bistro
Food – Cooking schools
Food – Delicatessens
Food – Factory / Manufacturing
Food – Picnic
Food – Speciality food shop
Food – Tea room
Gospel service
International organisations eg UN
Jazz club
Museum – Art Galleries
Museum – Historical / Cultural
Museum – Niche genres
Musical composers – residences and places of significance
National buildings (Government, Parliament)
National mint (Money)
Neighbourhood architecture
Observation wheel
Opera houses / Performing art facilities
People and traditions (culture)
Public libraries
Restaurants – Causes
Shopping centres / malls
Shops – Designer fashion streets
Shops – Speciality
Shops – Thrift
Statues / Monuments
Stores – Vintage
Theatre dinner
Town Hall
Train Stations (Main concourse)
TV Centre / Broadcast centre
Universities (Grounds and Buildings)
Urban garden / Park

Sites of significance – historical or cultural
Natural lakes or rivers – swim

– Cultural villages
– Private gardens and plant collections
– Nurseries
– Botanic gardens
– Fruit and vegetable produce garden (especially tropical and unusual fruiting plants, medicinal plants).
– Art foundations
– Nightclub
– Bar
– Observation deck
– Speciality makers – eg perfume, wood craft
– Natural
o Volcano –

  • Wikipedia – Prominent Volcanoes –
  • Wikipedia – List of worldwide volcanoes –
  • o National park
    o Glaciers

    Places of excellence and specialty
    – Includes: Career specific area / centres of excellence

    Architectural hubs
    Design and Art precincts
    Educational hubs
    Innovation hubs or locations / co-working spaces
    International relations and international organisations
    Music hubs
    Tech and innovation hubs
    Universities (Worldwide) with world famous career specific areas of learning or study

    Attraction and sights considerations

    – Access by transport
    – Best times of the year or day to visit
    – Events within the attraction

    – Guided tours
    – Attraction passes (One attraction – multiple days, Multiple attractions, City pass with attraction inclusion)
    – If covered or discounted through a city or transport pass.
    – Location

    – Opening times
    – Pre booking needed or recommended?
    – Proximity to other nearby attractions
    – Ticketing and costs

    – Time taken required to enjoy the attraction
    – Weather

    Free Attractions or opening times

    Google: “free things to do in (Insert city / country) “

    Tour companies

    If you’re travelling overseas and fancy someone else doing all the work for your (as in arranging transport and itinerary), tour companies can be a good way to go. I find for regions such as South East Asia, North America, Europe, Australia and other western or considered developed countries, DIY works best as the infrastructure for independent travel is there.

    For Europe if you’re short on time, then tours may be good as you get an overall favour, but there are several tradeoffs such as independence, communal living and also time to explore.

    For regions which have compromised safety (or are considered not safe to DIY travel) such as Central America, Africa, parts of South America, etc – its good to join a tour.

    The trade-off to save money in these regions is not worth it, as with a tour you’ll have the peace of mind of your safety being in a group and also being in developing countries have all reliable transportation prearranged. Plus most often these tours take you to places, where doing DIY travel won’t be effective to travel alone.

    I stress that DIY works where safety is not a major issue and where transportation is reliable and readily available.. Your life VS dollars – take your pick.

    Many tour operators offer guaranteed travel, meaning that when you book your tour, the tour is guaranteed to run. If you are interested in a tour that has no guarantee, then it is wise to question the supplier on past rates of cancellations (as the past predicts the future occurrences).It’s best to err for guaranteed departure tours, but if not at least you should be asking questions and making an informed decision.

    Nomadic Matts’ blog has great tips on what to look for when selecting a tour provider:


    Organised Group Tour Providers

    – For tours specific/catered to a certain city, country or region, please refer to the ‘Regional International Reference‘ page. The providers below service multiple worldwide regions.

    Guaranteed Departures: It’s also important to take note of whether your tour has ‘guaranteed departure’ or not. Usually this is specified in the tour details – if not ask in writing. Some tour companies have a uniform policy on guaranteed departure (as in all the tours they offer), whilst some other operators may identify specific tours which have the guarantee.

    If a tour doesn’t have guaranteed departure, then it is subject to confirmation which relies on minimum numbers and scheduling for the tour to go ahead – confirmation usually provided within a certain time frame prior to the departure date. This is why travel insurance is so important to have!

    Organised tour – Considerations / Factors

      Group tour categories / genres / types (Special interest):
      Culinary and Gourmet food
      Family friendly
      Industry group area / study tours / business envoy tours
      Island survival
      Jungle lodge
      Language immersion tours
      Nature and Wildlife
      Polar expeditions
      Road Tripping / 4 wheel drive
      Self drive
      Special Interest (Eg food, Wildlife, Event, Cycle)
      Sports training
      Sport – Cycling
      Treks and adventure
      Wellness and relaxation / fitness retreats / escapes / tours
      – Participating or learning (Includes Yoga)
      – eg Australian local, International (eg Bali)

      Educational providers (Eg Universities or educational institutions)- International tours (Study tours), organisation visits

      Single Supplement?
      Add on side trips (before, during or after main trip) with same or different provider
      Length of Trip
      Active level (Fitness level and physcial demands required
      Tour Focus Audience (Under 30’s, Mature aged)
      Inclusions of Tour – and limits (Food, Accomodation, Activities)
      Reliability of tour operator
      Guaranteed departures
      Modes of Transport used
      Other people on the tour
      Frequency of tour (how often the same tour runs each month / year)
      Experience of tour operator

      Travel agency –  tour portals

      Tour companies – List / portals of providers

      Peak Australian Tour industry Authority – Council of Australian tour operators –

      Tour companies (Selected):

      – Tour companies have travel inspiration and travel blog pages.
      – Note: Many of the tour group brochures are available on:

      •  ‘Issuu’ (Online electronic publication portal – for viewing and download
      • Tour providers website direct
      • Available on 3rd party travel brochure request websites.


      • APT Touring  –
        – Tour regions:
        – Styles: Worldwide luxury tours and cruising tours – Based in Australia
      • Back Roads Touring Co  –

      – Tour regions: Europe
      – Styles: Small group and tailored tours in the U.K. and Europe

      • Bamba Experiences  –
        – Tour regions: Europe, Africa / Middle east, Australia / New Zealand, Asia, North America, Central America, South America
        – Styles: Worldwide Backpacker, youth and budget travel independent style tours / Voluntour, Adventure trips and treks, independent, hop on hop off, tailor made
      • – Deals / Promotions –

      • Bus about (Tours and Major Events)–
        – Tour regions: Europe (Notably Summer / Winter), Asia, North America, North Africa, UK and Ireland.
        – Styles: Budget youth / under 35’s – Hop on / off, Organised adventures, Sailing, Festivals, Tran-siberia
      • – Deals / Promotions –

      • Contiki (Tours and Major Events)-
        – Tour regions: in Europe (Summer and Winter), Asia, Latin America, USA and Canada, Australia, New Zealand
        – Styles: Budget youth / under 35’s – Freestyle Camping, Sailing and Crusing, Easy Pace, In depth explorer, High energy, Discover plus
      • – Deals / Promotions –

      • Evergreen Tours Worldwide  –
        – Tour regions: Europe – River cruising and touring, Canada and Alaska, United States, South east asia, South america and Antarctica, Africa, New Zealand, Australia
        – Styles: Comfort and Comfortable adventure.
      • Exodus Travels – by Adventure world (
        – Tour regions: Africa, Antarctica, Arctic, Asia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America
        – Styles:
      • – Deals / Promotions –

    • Explore Worldwide (Part of infinity tours) (Brochures viewable online – not downloadable) –
      – Tour regions:
      – Styles:
    • – Deals / Promotions –

    -Tour regions:
    – Styles: Fully escorted Worldwide tours – semi luxury

    – Deals / Promotions –

    • Insight Vacations –
      – Tour regions: Europe, USA & Canada, North Africa & Eastern Mediterranean, South America, India & Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
      – Styles: Luxury worldwide tours
    • – Deals / Promotions –

    • Life before work – based in Canada (Offices in USA, Canada and Australia) –

    – Tour regions:

    – Asia – Thailand, Bali – Indonesia, Vietnam
    – Central America – Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua
    – South America – Peru and Brazil
    – Europe – Spain and various European city stops

    – Styles: Budget / Under 30

    – Deals / Promotions –

    • On the go Tours (Worldwide tours – printed brochures only – none online) –
      – Tour regions:
      – Styles:
    • – Deals / Promotions –

    • Sherpa Expeditions (Part of World Expeditions group)
      – Tour regions: Europe
      – Styles: Active holidays (Activities and walking)
    • Topdeck (Tours and Major Events) –
      – Tour regions:
      – Styles: Budget youth / under 35’s –
    • – Deals / Promotions –

    • Tempo Holidays (Main Speciality for Europe – also South America, Asia and Middle east) –
      – Tour regions:
      – Styles:
    • – Deals / Promotions –

    • Trafalgar  – Includes Costsaver tours (Brochures viewable online – not downloadable–
      – Tour regions:
      – Styles:
    • – Deals / Promotions –

    • Trek America (By Adventure World – USA, Canada, Alaska and Central America) –
      – Tour regions:
      – Styles:
    • – Deals / Promotions –

    • Tucan Travel (Brochures viewable online – not downloadable) –
      – Tour regions:
      – Styles:
    • – Deals / Promotions –

    • Utracks (Part of World Expeditions group)
      – Tour regions: Europe
      – Styles: Active holidays (Activities and walking)
    • – Deals / Promotions –


    Other tour companies 

    • Ker and Downey
    • Kirra Holidays
    • Liquid snow tours – Japan
    • Mandarin world tours
    • Moatrek
    • Swagman tours
    • The mooring (Yacht charter company)
    • Travel masters

    Specialist / Interest Group –  Tour Operators

    Genres include:

    On foot holidays (UK) –
    Opulent journeys (Garden tours)

    World wide – Attraction, City tour and General Experiences / passes- portals

    For attractions and city tours specific to a certain city, country or region, please refer to the ‘Regional International Reference‘ page.

    Adrenaline tours and experiences portals(Australian based)-
    Adventure Link – Activity list –
    Airbnb – Experiences / activities –
    – Host experiences –

    • Canary hop (Worldwide experiences) –
    • * City Discovery (Worldwide booking portal of activities, attractions and tours in each city) –
    • * Get Your Guide (Worldwide booking portal of activities, attractions and tours in each city) –

    Guiding Architects (World Architectural tours) –

    – Urban artisans tours –
    – In focus tours – tours run with local NGOs, non-profits, and social enterprises –
    – Urban adventures – Destinations –
    – Urban adventures – power adventures –

    Africa – Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa
    Asia – Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
    Europe – Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania. Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia. Spain, Turkey.
    South America – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru
    North America – Canada, USA
    Oceania – Australia, Fiji
    Middle East – United Arab Emirates

    – Click for your relevant country and then city. In the city screen, click ‘Tours and Sightseeing’ on the left toolbar to bring up various city tours available. Also have a look at the other things to do in the city.

    Wotif – Things to do –

    World wide – Free (Or at little expense) City Tours / Volunteer city guides

    – For city tours within a certain city, country or region, please refer to the ‘Regional International Reference‘ page.

    Note: City tourist offices and agencies often have free tours and city guides (volunteers)

    World wide – City Meetups and social gatherings

    Google – Meetups –
    Google Maps – Local meetups –
    *** Internations (Expat world meetings and also country resources for expats in each country) –

    Urban Adventures – City Meetups- Locals on Tap –

    World wide – Local Food Experiences / Hosting

    Urban Forage Food tours –


    World wide – Sports, Adrenaline, Recreation and Active adventure Activities

    General Activity and Tour portals

    – Includes Kayaking, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Canyoning, Tandem Paragliding, Trekking, Walking and more.


    World wide – Leisure and Relaxation Escape Hotspots and activities (Ideas)


    • Go Learn to (Global learning holidays) –
      • Includes: Cookery and wine, photography, painting, arts and craft, dance, music, language, sports, yoga, perfume, pilates, fitness.

    Food / Cooking / Fresh Produce
    – Includes cheese regions.

    Tours / Experiences:

    Intrepid Travel – Food tours –

    Regions / Areas:

    – Vietnam
    – Thailand – Chiang Mai
    – Japan – Kyoto
    – Spain – Valencia / Basque Regions

    – France – Wine regions, countryside
    – Italy – Amalfi Coast, Perugia Region, Florence, Bologna

    – Australia – Queensland – Atherton Tablelands, Mission Beach and Cairns Region (Tropical Fruit and produce).
    – Australia – New South Wales – Coffs Harbour (Tropical Fruit and Produce)
    – Australia – Victoria – Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley Regions

    Wine Producing regions

    Tours / Experiences:

    Regions / Areas:

    Wikipedia – Wine producing regions –

    Argentina – Mendoza
    Australia – Adelaide Hills (Barossa Valley), Clare Valley, Margaret River, Mornington Peninsula, Rutherglen, Tamar Valley, Yarra Valley,

    Canada – Niagara

    Chile – Colchagua

    England – South Downs

    France – Alsace, Burgundy, Jura, Languedoc, Loire, Rhone

    Georgia – Kakheti

    Germany – Mosel

    Greece – Naoussa

    Hungary / Slovakia – Tokaji

    Italy – Alto Adige, Fruili, Piedmont, Puglia, Sardinia, Tuscany, Veneto

    Lebanon – Batroun

    Morocco – Meknes

    New Zealand – Central Otago, Hawkes bay, Marlborough.

    Portugal – Douro

    Slovenia – Brda

    South Africa – Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, Tulbagh

    Spain – Jerez, Mallorca, Priorat, Riaz Biaxes, Ribera del Duero, Rioja

    Turkey – Thrace

    United States – Central Coast, Columbia Valley, Finger Lakes, Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, Sonoma, Willamette valley

    Yoga / Relaxation / Massage / Spa Retreats or centres

    Tours / Experiences:

    Regions / Areas:
    – Cambodia – Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Cambodian Islands.
    – India – Goa
    – Indonesia – Bali, Lombok
    – Italy – Puglia
    – Thailand – Phuket, Krabi, Thai Islands (East), Thai Islands (West)

    Animal Conservation

    Tours / Experiences:

    Regions / Areas:
    – Thailand – Chiang Mai (Elephants)
    – Malaysia – Borneo region (Orangtuan)
    – Uganda – (Gorillas)

    Jungle / Rain forest Retreats

    Tours / Experiences:

    Regions / Areas:

    – Peru – Amazon Rainforest Stay
    – Malaysia – Borneo Region – Danum Valley Stay
    – Australia – Queensland – Tropical North Queensland Region

    Music and Dance

    Tours / Experiences:

    Regions / Areas:
    – Spain – Granada – Flamenco
    – Argentina – Buenos Aires – Tango

    Party / Music hot spots

    Tours / Experiences:

    Regions / Areas:


    Activities and Experiences ideas summary

    Active and Adventure style activities

    4wd driving – dune bashing
    Amazing race style events
    Animal tour – Night
    Animal transport – eg camel, horse., dog sled
    Animal watching
    Aqua Bikes
    Art activities – Painting
    Art prizes / spaces
    Attraction – Site tours and audio tours
    Augmented reality tours
    Beach fire and music
    Bird watching
    Bird watching
    Boat / Yacht Shows
    Boating regattas / festival / races
    Bungee Jumping


    Car rental / Roadtrips
    Cave rafting
    Cliff jumping
    Culture – Music
    Culture – Performing arts
    Cycling (Motorised and manual)

    Dance classes
    Daytrips from city
    Dolphin / whale shark / other marine animal Swimming
    Flight simulator
    Food tours – Produce makers / Sourcers
    Food walking tour (Visting eateries and markets)
    Giant Swing drop
    Go Karting
    Gondolas / Themed boating
    Guide / historian
    Hang gliding

    Helicopter tour

    Hiking / Trekking (DIY or with an experienced guide)
    Hot Air Balloon
    Indigenous culture
    Jet ski ing / Jet boating
    Jungle safari

    Kite surfing
    Knee Boarding
    Land Yachts
    Limousine / Hummer
    Local Arts
    – Local theatre
    – Local comedy
    – Local famous performing companies

    Luge (Ice)
    Luge / Toboggan

    Motorbike / Vespa /Motor scooter rental

    Mountain biking
    Mountiain Climbing (Natural and Artificial)
    Mountain trekking
    Mountain lodges
    Movie screening sessions / Premieres
    Music – Live music
    Paddle boarding

    Para sailing
    Paragliding Motorised Powered (Paramotoring)

    Photo tour
    Photo walking tours – workshops or events held by photographic companies

    Plane – Small plane
    Plane – Glider plane
    Protests or marches or gatherings (Peaceful) – Various topics
    Relaxation therapies

    River tubing / floating
    River (Calm) / white water (fast) Rafting
    Rock climbing
    Ropes course

    Rowing (Gondola, boat on lake etc)
    Safari (Nature)

    Sanctuaries (Animals)
    Sanctuaries (Wellbeing)
    Sand surfing / Sand dune boarding
    Scooter tours / riding
    Scuba diving – (PADI)
    Sea Plane

    Segway riding
    Skiing / Snow activities
    Skydiving – Indoor Simulation centres
    Sporting performance / displays – Spectator
    Sports and activities – Participation
    Stand up paddle board
    Sunset / sunrise scenery
    Surfing – Indoor simulation
    Surfboard yoga
    Trampolining / Trampoline centre
    Trekking and mountaineering
    Trekking routes / walks

    Trekking tours
    Tube riding – open ocean behind a speed boat
    Walking tours – Misc City
    Water skiing
    Wave Pool
    Whale / bird and other animal watching
    Whitewater rafting

    Whitewater rafting

    Boat hire
    Circus acts
    Novelty photos
    Round the world yachting
    Scenic flights
    Music festivals
    Cultural festivals
    Local traditional beauty and massage treatments – places of relaxation
    Local transport methods eg donkey, wheeled cart, horse
    Rafting (Relax)
    Desert treks
    Wineyard tours
    Book launch
    Community dancing
    Open mic music session
    Album launch

    Tour types
    – Bar tours
    – TV show locations
    – Food
    – Architecture
    – City precincts
    – City locations
    – Hidden hot spots – cafes, bars, eateries
    – History
    – International themed tours

    Retreat Style Activities

    Animal retreat
    Botanic gardens
    Day Spas / Spa retreat centres

    Food retreat
    Garden retreat
    Health retreat

    Massage (Foot, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hands, Body, Cultural (Such as Thai, Swedish, Ayurevda, Cambodian), Deep tissue

    Mineral Bathing Springs (Natural and Man made) / Onsen or Bathhouse
    Yoga retreat and other relaxation retreats

    Other cultural activities

    Ancient ruins tours
    Art and craft Classes (Making and/or appreciation)
    Cooking classes

    Food plantation
    Guided tour (walking)
    Jungle / forest walk

    Medicinal gardens and plant tours

    Music Classes
    Music tours
    Overseas language schools / learning
    Sports events

    Volunteer and Philanthropic type activities

    Language teaching

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