Official Tourism Authorities / Offices

A list of official national and sub-national travel authorities / organisations for each country.

Listed Countries and Regions

Note: This list does not cover all countries and locations of the world, but rather the locations which are on the travel radar (more specifically my travel radar). Each provide valuable planning information, tips and resources to plan for your travels. The country tourism resource links will also often have official maps and brochures available for download online (or in some cases printed materials / maps available upon request).

A wealth of information online for free and utilises the fantastic resources which each tourism body have created –

Available resources:
– Country / City – official apps
– Downloadable maps
– Driving itineraries
– Planning tools

National tourism divisions – State and regional

For certain major countries such as Australia, Spain, France and others, more detailed tourism links have been provided according to the national states and government recognised regional divisions – to ensure each part of the country is covered matching the tourism authorities resources.

For Australia, the federal tourism link is provided followed by the state tourism bodies and then within each state the regional divisions – with the many major destinations and places which form each division.

Note there is are also the local municipalities, administrative city areas and councils which have specific tourism information on their website, relating to the cities which they cover within each region, country.

Suggested destinations

In addition to the state and regional tourism resources for certain countries, notable destinations and regions have been listed. Whilst there are many amazing places within each country, the destinations listed provide a useful starting point for major cultural and unique sightseeing experiences. Perfect inspiration for both first time travellers and well travelled explorers.

Country borders (unusual; types)
Campione_d’Italia – an area part of Italy which is actually within Switzerland all around.

Country Alert Level

Next to certain countries there will be comments mentioning “Do not travel” and “Reconsider travel”. These are advisories recommended by the Australian department of foreign affairs and trade – on their Smartraveller site:

Do not travel (Level 4) = This level means that the security situation is extremely dangerous. This may be due to a high threat of terrorist attack, ongoing armed conflict, violent social unrest, or critical levels of violent crime. It is often a combination of these.

Reconsider Travel (Level 3) = This level means that there are serious and potentially life threatening threats that make the destination unsafe for tourism and unsuitable for most travellers. This could be due to an ongoing threat of terrorism, frequent incidents of violent crime, ongoing civil unrest, widespread disease, or other safety risks

More detailed explanation of the travel advise ratings can be found on the Smart traveller website:

• Visitor cards available at all local, regional and federal tourism information offices

Worldwide tourism authority locations
Tourism authorities have international offices around the world – often as tourism offices or through consulates or embassies (provide limited information). They also offer Visa and official consular services to both tourists travelling to their country and also their own nationals.

Sources of world wide tourism authorities
– Embassies / Consulates
– National tourism authorities
– National airlines

National country tourism supporting authorities and associations

– Tourism Promotion
– Business / Trade Promotion commissions or Chamber of commerce organisations
– Business and tourism associations
– Local newspaper / media organisations (Who produce the local guides and maps)
– Cultural departments or institutions
– National tourism corporate / travel travel site
– Local councils / shires / administrative government authorities (May produce and coordinate tourism publications)
– Suburban – Local traders associations / chambers of commerce/ Local community associations / Local tourism promotion

Local travel publishers
– Area guides and precinct maps
– Local council or towns produce city / region maps

Travel resources provided
Many tourism boards and authorities provide free travel brochures, maps, regional guides and much much more for free or at low cost in digital download format or hard copy printed material by post. These provide a good general view of the highlights of the relevant city, country or region and provided a reputable source of more accurate travel information to help plan your travels

Official travel promotion
– Newspaper features
– Magazine features
– Liftouts – Extracts

Local printed travel resources
Within many cities around the world, local publishers distribute free comprehensive maps, city guides and events summary guides for visitors. These often provide greater local information and user friendly detailed maps, compared to guidebooks. Many complement the printed materials with an online website containing regularly updated event summaries and databases of local attractions and services.

Tourism authorities / Embassies / Consulates social media use
Tourism agencies have Facebook and social media pages, where they promote tourism and also provide assistance.
– Includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and more.


Promotion types:
Culture and language promotion
Tourism promotion

Country promotion events in overseas countries:
– Cultural festivals
– Overseas business tours / trade travel


Wikipedia – Adventure travel –
Wikipedia – Tourism –

Disputed Territories – territorial claims not identified / confirmed.

Gaza Strip (Middle East)
Paracel islands (South East Asia)
Somaliland (Africa)
Spratly islands (South east asia)
West Bank (Middle east)
Western Sahara (Africa)

States with limited recognition

– China (People’s republic of China)
– Taiwan (Republic of China)
– Israel
– Korea (South)
– Korea (North)
– Palestine
– Kosovo
Wikipedia – List of states with limited recognition –


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