Rio de Janiero 2016 Olympic Games torch and Brazilian torch relay launch

With just 397 days until the opening ceremony of the Rio de Janiero 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the games organisers have proudly revealed their innovative Olympic torch design. Whilst the previous Olympic torches have the complete design immediately revealed, the 2016 games version delivers a surprise.

On the exterior, the torch initially apppears as a simple white baton, but then as the Olympic flame is passed on to the next torch bearer, like magic, the torch hyper extends to reveal the inside coloured heart elements warmth of the Brazilian people. According to the official Rio 2016 website, the contagious energy is represented when the coloured segments open up and release energy for the moment of the kiss (passing of the Olympic flame)

The different coloured segments reflect the combined elements of the Brazilian landscape being the waves of the Golden sky / sun, lush Green mountains, blue seas and the iconic black and white Rio de Janiero promenade pattern as the ground. The torch also has a rounded triangular shape representing the three Olympic values – excellence, friendship and respect.

Amid continued concerns about the continued pollution issues of Rio de Janieros’ beaches, construction schedule timeframes and security, it’s refreshing to see the Brazilian spirit represented in an innovative and inspiring Olympic torch design.


Cloud 9 – Fiji – Floating island in paradise

At last, there is a floating heaven not too far away from Australia – in Fiji! The two level floating “island” called ‘Cloud 9’ located in roro reef in the Mamanuca islands, Fiji which provides the ultimate tropical getaway with all the homely facilities.

It even has a fully stocked international bar and authentic wood fire pizza oven! and pool wise, well with all that azure blue Fijian water all around, who needs a pool! This unique piece of paradise is available to visit by booking online at for parties. weddings and a drop in visit.

Note: it’s not overnight accommodation, rather a unique place to chill for the day. Truly one location to add to the travel list.

Angkor – Vimeo short film

Ever since my visit to Cambodia and especially Siem reap, my soul has been yearning for a second visit. The hospitality of the Cambodian people who face adversity on a daily basis and who would be willing enough to offer you a hearty meal, yet they at times don’t have enough to live on, shows the character of this great nation. A jewel in the cultural fabric of the nation (and featured on the national flag) is Angkor Wat and the many Khmer ancient sights which dot the Cambodian landscape, gradually having being immersed by the creeping natural vegetation.

The film by 5Mars reflects the uniqueness and rarity of this UNESCO world heritage sight, and the significance it still plays in the practicing Buddhist beliefs around and within the Angkor Archaeological grounds. A visit to Cambodia gasps at your yearning for simple living, appreciation of intangible beauty and provides the catalyst to share the humble Cambodian hospitality values to others around the world.

Living in the Age of Airplanes [Movie]

Airplanes have come under negative attention in recent months in the media due to the Malaysian Airlines, Airasia and now Germanwings crashes / accidents, yet airplanes now act as a daily integral part of world commerce and travel. Think back 60 years ago and flights were mainly considered accessible to only those with decent pockets of cash (more expensive) but as time went by the grandeur of flight and the in flight experience evolved into commercialization on a grand scale – for the better or worse (depending on your perspective).

With the click of a few buttons now, people of all economic classes and in almost every nation on earth use the flight mode of transport to see loved ones, go on holidays and create economic benefits through business. The flight experience has in a sense been taken for granted in normal lives, as now it is often a means to reach the end rather than often enjoying the aspect of flight. It’s amazing how these giant machines weighing tonnes can soar into the skies above and seemingly appear weightless, ferrying people from point to point.

Coming across the trailer of the movie ‘Living in the age of airplanes’ is a joy to see the sense and wonder of flight being celebrated in cinematographic brilliance on the big screen. Narrated by Harrison ford and created by the team at National Geographic, the movie was filmed in 18 countries across all 7 continents and aims to renew the appreciation of the flight experience and the magnificent planes that create the extraordinary in the ordinary day. The trailer is a tantalizing teaser of what the movie aims to convey to viewers and is certainly a film to watch for avid travellers and aviation enthusiasts alike.

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Dubai Flow Motion – by Rob Witworth

Yet again talented filmmaker Rob Witworth has produced a stunning ‘flow motion’ short film showcasing the Dubai city, infrastructure and arid desert region. Given special access by Dubai film, this is yet another example of the unique film style by Rob and after watching the film, you’ll agree that some of the scenes are beyond comprehension – in terms of technique, styling and cinematography. #speechless

Etihad Airways – Flying Reimagined (TV Commercial)

Etihad airways have just released a charming ad, cementing off the companies’ recent major changes in airline livery, uniform, airline cabins (such as the luxurious residence), butler service and other recent add-on services. Featuring the stylish actress Nicole Kidman, the advert captivates the curious traveller to engage with the Etihad brand through visionary messages of excellence and unique styling; showcasing the best airline products and services. Only in business for 12 years, the airline has certainly come a long way since inception and definitely one airline to watch in 2015.

Hacking language learning: Benny Lewis at TEDxWarsaw – Video

Learning a new language. It’s something that everyone has on their new years resolution list for either family reasons, travel, employability or simply to broaden skills. But for many people the follow through in learning drops off – and that’s only for one language. I recently came across a book ‘Fluent in 3 months’ from Benny lewis, claiming to explain techniques as to how to effectively learning multiple languages and having the outcome at intermediate or greater understanding.

These types of titled books tend to put me off, as they remind me of the ‘get rich quick’, ‘get slim quick’ and other claimed immediate result books – which many flop more like a sack of potatoes. Surprisingly I was intrigued by the read from Benny lewis and I took away certain knowledge from the book. The talk he has done at the Warsaw tedX convention is along the same lines, and even if you’re skeptical about this, it’s certainly a thought-provoking video on how our minds can develop learning.

Happy learning

– Anth

By: TEDx Talks

People stuffed onto a train in Tokyo, Japan – Video

Fortunately when I was in Tokyo, I didn’t have to experience the notorious peak hour rush on the public transport system. And looking at this video I’m glad avoid all of it. Here in Melbourne, Australia we have congested trains (that’s partly due to the prehistoric train infrastructure we have not changing anytime soon) but that’s nothing compared to literally being squeezed onto the train like in Tokyo.

In the video, you see people being groped and plied into any empty space possible on the train carriage. The train station staff certainly can’t complain they don’t get a workout during their working hours. Though I would question why you would get on a train like this – imagine its your next stop and your stuck in the middle. Surely you can wait for the next train which is 3-4 minutes away (Japanese punctuality at its best). On second thoughts, that may be as full. Oh well, that’s Tokyo for you

– Anth