Living in the Age of Airplanes [Movie]

Airplanes have come under negative attention in recent months in the media due to the Malaysian Airlines, Airasia and now Germanwings crashes / accidents, yet airplanes now act as a daily integral part of world commerce and travel. Think back 60 years ago and flights were mainly considered accessible to only those with decent pockets of cash (more expensive) but as time went by the grandeur of flight and the in flight experience evolved into commercialization on a grand scale – for the better or worse (depending on your perspective).

With the click of a few buttons now, people of all economic classes and in almost every nation on earth use the flight mode of transport to see loved ones, go on holidays and create economic benefits through business. The flight experience has in a sense been taken for granted in normal lives, as now it is often a means to reach the end rather than often enjoying the aspect of flight. It’s amazing how these giant machines weighing tonnes can soar into the skies above and seemingly appear weightless, ferrying people from point to point.

Coming across the trailer of the movie ‘Living in the age of airplanes’ is a joy to see the sense and wonder of flight being celebrated in cinematographic brilliance on the big screen. Narrated by Harrison ford and created by the team at National Geographic, the movie was filmed in 18 countries across all 7 continents and aims to renew the appreciation of the flight experience and the magnificent planes that create the extraordinary in the ordinary day. The trailer is a tantalizing teaser of what the movie aims to convey to viewers and is certainly a film to watch for avid travellers and aviation enthusiasts alike.

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The flight boarding pass of the future

So as an advid traveller, i’ve had  my fair share of travel documentation floating around with me during my travels. What makes me most anxious when travelling is not missing my flights! But this can easily happen due to traffic jams, poor time management and most of all reading your boarding pass incorrectly. Reading the boarding pass incorrectly has almost cost us a flight once and I’m sure this happens to people all the time!

When you look at the current generic format of the flight boarding passes, it’s quite a schmozzle of information mashed up in an illogical format and not easy to read for when you need a quick glance. Often they look like the below example, where you have to skim through the whole pass just to find the info you need. It’s about time someone did something… well actually someone has made a ingeneous suggestion.


UK designer, Peter smart (smart by name and mind it appears) has come up with a mind blowingly simple resolution to flight boarding passes. This is part of his innovation project “50 problems, 50 days” ( and definately has come up with a industry suitable solution. The suggested new format is exactly the same size as the current boarding pass, but simple rotated vertically.  That and having the information presented in a clear and concise manner (as the below example shows). The boarding pass layout is fully customisable to meet the airline carriers details (as like what happens currently). No new machines are needed, only a simple layout change – what genius!


And the new design allows the traveller to have the info needed sticking out of the passport with such simplicity (like below).

The sheer simplicity of this change is just epic and in their article  (  Link ) posted us some reply tweets from Qantas and Virgin Australia, passing the design idea to their internal team.

Hopefully this change happens soon! It sure will make travelling alot more simpler.

The full presentation of this innovative  change can be found on Pete Smarts website: . Defainately worth a read.

– Anth