Rio de Janiero 2016 Olympic Games torch and Brazilian torch relay launch

With just 397 days until the opening ceremony of the Rio de Janiero 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the games organisers have proudly revealed their innovative Olympic torch design. Whilst the previous Olympic torches have the complete design immediately revealed, the 2016 games version delivers a surprise.

On the exterior, the torch initially apppears as a simple white baton, but then as the Olympic flame is passed on to the next torch bearer, like magic, the torch hyper extends to reveal the inside coloured heart elements warmth of the Brazilian people. According to the official Rio 2016 website, the contagious energy is represented when the coloured segments open up and release energy for the moment of the kiss (passing of the Olympic flame)

The different coloured segments reflect the combined elements of the Brazilian landscape being the waves of the Golden sky / sun, lush Green mountains, blue seas and the iconic black and white Rio de Janiero promenade pattern as the ground. The torch also has a rounded triangular shape representing the three Olympic values – excellence, friendship and respect.

Amid continued concerns about the continued pollution issues of Rio de Janieros’ beaches, construction schedule timeframes and security, it’s refreshing to see the Brazilian spirit represented in an innovative and inspiring Olympic torch design.


Rio port regeneration works – 2016 Olympics

Works are well on their way for the 2016 Olympic games to be held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

The below video details the vision and concept of the revitalised Rio de janeiro post area. They are modelling the changes on the successful port regeneration that was carried out prior to the 1992 Barcleona olympic games. The new area will include hotels, olympic infrastructure, inviting recreational beach front areas and also other key infrastructure venues.

Check out the video and the exciting developments ocurring in Rio – the whole city is literally being transformed (notably the pacification of the hillside favelas)

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Travel Brazil – The Heart Of Carnaval

Brazilian Carnaval – what a sight. It’s enticed me so much that I’ve already contacted my travel agent to plan a potential trip in February 2015 (for the carnaval then). The energy, music and vibrancy (not to mention the elaborate floats) is really just jaw dropping.



City of Samba – Timelapse video of the Brazilian Carnival

I stumbled across this great timelapse video of the Brazilian Carnival and the excitement around the major event. The city becomes a buzz with music and life during this time. The film maker has done a great job of capturing the essense of the city and the vibrancy.

My favourite short film I’ve come across in a longtime.