Living in the Age of Airplanes [Movie]

Airplanes have come under negative attention in recent months in the media due to the Malaysian Airlines, Airasia and now Germanwings crashes / accidents, yet airplanes now act as a daily integral part of world commerce and travel. Think back 60 years ago and flights were mainly considered accessible to only those with decent pockets of cash (more expensive) but as time went by the grandeur of flight and the in flight experience evolved into commercialization on a grand scale – for the better or worse (depending on your perspective).

With the click of a few buttons now, people of all economic classes and in almost every nation on earth use the flight mode of transport to see loved ones, go on holidays and create economic benefits through business. The flight experience has in a sense been taken for granted in normal lives, as now it is often a means to reach the end rather than often enjoying the aspect of flight. It’s amazing how these giant machines weighing tonnes can soar into the skies above and seemingly appear weightless, ferrying people from point to point.

Coming across the trailer of the movie ‘Living in the age of airplanes’ is a joy to see the sense and wonder of flight being celebrated in cinematographic brilliance on the big screen. Narrated by Harrison ford and created by the team at National Geographic, the movie was filmed in 18 countries across all 7 continents and aims to renew the appreciation of the flight experience and the magnificent planes that create the extraordinary in the ordinary day. The trailer is a tantalizing teaser of what the movie aims to convey to viewers and is certainly a film to watch for avid travellers and aviation enthusiasts alike.

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Singapore Changi Airport – Jewel Project

Having recently returned from my trip in Singapore, I’d thought I’d seen all the amazing sights and developments in the city-state. Looking to equal (or exceed) the sheer awe of the Gardens by the Bay project, the ‘Jewel’ project to be built-in between the 3 major terminals of Singapore Changi Airport, proves a stunner.

In short, the project (which started construction this week) will consist of a giant glass dome with a lush rainforest garden,  complete with waterfall and underneath a multi level shopping mall. Complete with multi level car park – how very Singaporean. Having been voted the best airport in the world annually, this new project is sure to tempt travellers to arrive to the airport with ample time to enjoy the city within a city. The concept and visualisation of the project is jaw dropping to say the least.

Have a look at the video below for the visualisation.

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Latest Airport developments – May 2014

There have been many newsworthy developments in regards to world Airports in the past few weeks. Ranging from the Middle east, Asia and Europe, the aviation industry is showcasing many newly (and soon to be built) airports for the future to meet consumer demand. The most notable developments are detailed below and certainly are visionary – both architecturally and functional wise.


– KLIA 2

In Kuala lumpur – Malaysia, the capitals’ Low cost Airport terminal (also know infamously to many travellers as the hot tin shed) is not longer. expected to open last year, the new modern Low cost terminal has opened with a soft launch with selected airlines and with Airasia expected to move operations on May 9th. The new terminal provides much-needed upgrade for travellers to the city, with expansive shopping areas, streamlined (and clear) processing for travellers and most of all aerogates for passengers – so there’s no more of the umbrella business when there’s monsoonal weather – which is great. Located to the side of the main Kuala lumpur international Airport, the low-cost terminal is connected by transiting train shuttle between the airports (for a small fee). unique to the airport is a skybridge connecting the main concourse to the satellite building – planes move around under the bridge and allows passengers to navigate the airport without the need to people movers. For low-cost travel, the new airport terminal definitely sets a benchmark (Some media outlets have stated that it overshadows the main Kuala lumpur airport) as to future developments in the sector.

More information as to the new airport terminal can be found on the official KLIA2 website ( ) and also information about Airasia’s arrangements found on their dedicated page ( )


– Doha New Airport

In Doha – Qatar the country has welcomed the soft launch of the much awaited Hamad international Airport, after experiencing delays from its expected 2009 opening. The new airport located 5kms east of the current airport and on the Qatar shoreline has been designed to reflect an oasis theme – reflecting the distinctive middle east culture. supporting Qatar airlines’ ambitious expansion plans, the airport has been created to provide ease of access and also premium luxury service to travellers. The airport currently operates with a small level of carriers on a soft opening capacity and the expected full operations change over is expected to occur on the 29th May. Competing with neighbouring Abu Dhabi and Dubai airport, the new operations cement the might of the middle-east aviation industry.

More information about the change over of Doha airports and also about the new operations can be found on the official website  ( )


– Dubai Airports

Placing it’s self as one of the fastest growing airports in the world, Dubai airport is undergoing maintenance works in order to meet continuing demand. During the period of May 1 to July 20, only one of two runways will be in operation (Changing half way through this period – both to be resurfaced). Due to this constraint, Emirates airlines are forced to cancel several flights and restrict frequencies during the works, to meet the capacity cap set by the airport. in order to alleviate the effect on other carriers, the second recently opened Dubai airport (Known as Dubai world central or Dubai Al Maktoum) is having certain carriers divert their flights to their airport during the work period. Important for travellers to note is which airport your flight into Dubai is arriving into, as there is 1.5 hour travel time difference between the two Dubai airports 0 so don’t be caught out!

More details as to the arrangements can be found on the official Dubai airports website ( ) and also media commentary on ( )


– Berlin Airport

Becoming an ongoing debacle, the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport slated to open in 2010 has been again delayed to an expected opening of 2016. ongoing safety and operational issues have continually pushed back the opening of the airport – especially embarrassing for a nation where efficiency and deliver is world renowned. Dramatically over budget, the airport will finally centralise all three current airport operations into one, providing traveller with (hopefully) ease of travel. This has recently made news around the world for all the wrong reasons and hopefully when the time comes, the new Berlin airport will deliver its objectives.

The official website of the Berlin airports corporation provides imagery and information about the new airport –

More information on the situation of the airport can be found on the Australian Business traveller article ( ) and also more extensive details on the Wikipedia page  ( ).

– Sydney Airport (second airport)

Finally after many decades of deliberation and political ping-pong, there has been a concrete decision to build the long-awaited Sydney second airport at the Badgerys creek site (to the west of Sydney). The current Sydney airport is currently close to meeting capacity levels and already is encountering issues to movement levels – not to mention the curfew which is imposed on the airport due to the proximity to the CBD area. The new airport is expected to create jobs and investment opportunities in the western region and also provide a future vision to meet the inflating tourism levels in Sydney. construction is expected to start in the coming years. this is definitely a step in the right direction and finally will sort out the airport noise issues, which have been problematic for Sydneysiders.

The official press release regarding the second Sydney airport decision can be found on the Department of infrastructure website: ( )

Media commentary on the announcement and the reaction of locals can be found on the ABC media website ( )

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