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Each region of the world is different and contain their own ‘ways of working’ with varying resources. The below regional resources are organised per region (includes notable retailers) and then for certain regions it is within the relevant country. These resources have been found from first hand experiences, research and also through my travels around the world – in short, these resources have been used in my travels. The below is only a selected few resources and for certain countries/cities – which I have visited or are planning to visit.

If you have come across any specific country or regional travel websites which have been fantastic in your travel plans, please feel free to contact me – I’d love to have a look.


Notable topics of things to see and do in each world wide city:
– Rooftop restaurants, bars and cafes (Views)
– Observation decks and city view vantage points
– Local authentic food districts, markets and producers
– Local heritage centres, museums and culturally important sights
– Arts exhibitions, musicals, music performances, performing arts
– Economical and (ideally) authentic Souvenir shopping areas / districts
– Fresh produce Fruit & Vegetable, Artistic, Artisan, art & craft and food markets
– Gardens and recreational areas
– Cycle rental services and cycling sightseeing routes
– Local city day tours
– Melbourne, Victoria or Australian owned / themed coffee shops, Cafes, Restaurants and bars
– Wellbeing places or events – (Includes yoga, massage and more)
– Swimming or recreation centres

Aspects to help familiarise into a new city

Local radio staions
Local Television networks
Local facebook pages – communities
Local Information centres

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