Pre travel and post travel Checklists

Top traveltips

–              Notify bank (especially credit card) you are travelling overseas, so they don’t block your account

–              -handle the mail / redirect mail.

–              Cancellation or suspension of services

–              Renting – need to advise land lord of your travels (implications on lease)

Pre-travel tips

Organise Licenses:

Boat license
Motorbike license
Padi diving certification
International drivers license

• ATAS – Top travel tips –

The month leading up to departure
• Check which regular bills (like utilities, credit card and your ambulance subscription) are due for payment whilst you are away – arrange to make payments in advance or set up automatic payments online
• Load the spending money you plan to take onto a travel money card
• If you plan to use your credit card and/or ATM card whilst overseas (even if it’s only as a back-up), advise your bank so that these cards aren’t blocked when you attempt an overseas transaction
• Arrange for a friend or neighbour to collect your mail (or have the post office hold it for you), mow the lawn, care for your pets
• Change the batteries in your smoke detectors (our Uni-aged sons live in our house whilst we are away and I’d never forgive myself if there was a fire and the smoke detectors didn’t go off due to flat batteries)
• Ensure you have adequate firewood stored and a couple of meals in the freezer for your return (and in my case – hope the kids don’t burn all the wood and eat the food!)
• Register your travel plans on Smart Traveller, the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website
• Photocopy the photo page of your passport – leave one copy at home with a family member and pack another in your suitcase (in case your passport is lost or stolen)
• Email yourself a copy of your travel insurance policy, travel itinerary, hotel contacts, etc or store these details in the Cloud where you can access them if necessary
• Arrange your transport to and from the airport

The week before departure
• Check that all clothes you plan on taking are clean and ready to pack, if not, wash them
• Get your suitcase out of storage and give it a clean

The day before departure
• Wash bed linen and towels
• Clean out fridge

The day of departure
• Change bed linen (nothing beats coming home to your own bed made up with fresh linen)
• Turn off machine washing taps
• Checked windows and doors are all locked
• Unplug appliances at the power points
• Lock shed/garage
• Double check you have your passport and travel documents/vouchers in your hand luggage

Checklists – Travelling

International Travel Checklist –
Travel checklist – Webjet –
Travel checklist (STA Travel) –

Post travel checklists and advice

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