Battery charging and life

Who’s been in a situation where you are about to take that great camera shot in your travels, and then your camera battery goes flat – nightmare! And then you find out you don’t have any backup battery – even worse. Don’t put yourself in the situation and be proactive as to your camera or electronic good use. When buying batteries, information will be supplied in regards to how many shots or live time the battery will last for.

Always carry more batteries than you anticipate and make sure they are fully charged. In order to do this, I’ve gone on eBay and searched the model number of the battery for my camera and purchased more to suit my needs. Also purchased additional charges specifically suited for the batteries. What you can do is every night when you return to your accommodation or hotel you put the flat batteries to charge and then organise your batteries on a rotating system, where you always will have batteries charges and ready. You should always have one full day’s use of electronics back in your luggage and charged, ready to go.

More information on batteries and tips are found here:
• Lonely Planet – Battery Tips –


Backup memory cards

In addition to battery considerations, memory card use is an important factor, as both aspects relate to one another. You can have as many batteries as you like, but will be limited by the amount of shots left on the memory card. For myself I have gone to the national stationery supplier (in Australia being Officeworks) and purchased as many memory cards I felt is sufficient (in my case 10 x 4gb scandisk cards). If living in Australia, i find it cheaper to buy the cards before you travel.

Smaller memory cards but more of them is better, compared to memory cards with larger memory and not as many. The reason behind this, is to ensure the safety of your memory cards that are already full of photos, which you can put aside in your hotel safe. What’s also good is in the case you have your camera stolen, a smaller percentage of photos taken will be on the memory card within the camera.

Complementing the memory cards and to have these organised, a good way is to go on eBay and find ‘memory card holders’. They are like miniature folders where clear transparent pockets hold the memory cards. In order to be really organised, I have my memory cards numbered, so that you can start to use the cards in order and keep track of your usage. It works very well when travelling.

More information on how best to utilise your camera memory cards are found here:
• Adorama – Memory card advice for cameras –
• Digital camera world – Essential digital camera tips and tricks –


Digital Cameras

Selecting the digital camera to suit your needs, (especially with the amount of choice and accessories in the market) can be overwhelming for the keen photographer. You want something that is portable, discreet and with all the modern features.

With this in mind, I my decision making leads me to be enticed by Interchangeable lens camera, rather than the more traditional SLR cameras. I made the mistake of travelling overseas with an SRL camera and after being sick of the bulk and weight; I just ditched and reverted back to the simple point and shoot camera I had. When travelling, it became challenging to be discreet when taking photos and also felt a bit of a target for crooks looking for an opportunity to pounce – as the draws attention to the fact that you are a cash laden tourist. For that and other reasons, it led me to sell my SLR camera.

At a lower price point the usual ‘point and shoot’ cameras also offer value for money and photo quality. It pays to do your homework in regards to user reviews, features and other aspects which meet your photography needs.

You’ll find more information on which camera to pick and other information on the Travel resources page.


How to keep your camera gear safe while travelling.

As mentioned before, its best to have a discreet sized camera so you don’t draw unwanted attention to yourself whilst travelling. Even with an ICL camera, you are still vulnerable to the opportunism from thieves.

Digital photography school (, shares some great tips as to how you can maintain personal security and still be able to access your camera when required.

Use an Old Bag – Some people suggest bringing an old bag to carry your camera and gear. I personally I don’t do this (I haven’t found the right bag!) but I do think it is an excellent idea. The bag need not be decrepit, just worn-in and not appearing to be a camera bag. The two types of thieves we are trying to protect against here are opportunists and professionals. Opportunists are looking for likely subjects and a flashy new camera bag will attract them. –

Swap Cards Often One of the great aspects of modern memory cards is the size. They are huge! And can store thousands of photos. Trying not to get sucked into the ‘bigger is better’ mentality as it will leave all your eggs in one basket. Swap your cards out often and rotate them around, placing them in unlikely places if you are very worried about being robbed.

Do this especially if you have not brought a laptop or external drive to backup photos (see next item). Just captured the best sunset ever? Great! Take the card out and put it in your sock or money belt (if it is well hidden). When you get home the software on your home computer will be able to sort all the images by capture time, so don’t worry about getting them out of order.“

The best tip is to not constantly walk around in your travels with the camera on show. You can still have accessibility to your camera but keep it hidden away. Then after you have finished shooting photos, return your camera back into the bag.

It may sound anti social, but I’m hesitant to hand my camera to a total stranger when you want an image of yourself (especially if it’s not a point and shoot camera). It’s really a personal choice, but if the stranger is cheeky they can simply run off with your camera and you’ll be left looking like a fool. If you must then ask, someone such as a waiter or shop keeper or official (e.g. police etc) where you are near, to take the image for you. That way you know they can’t go anywhere and have some sort of surety that nothing



Photography – Applications / Service Providers

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Photo editors

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Photography – Retailers, Manufacturers, Resellers and Buying Guides

Includes – Photo walking tours or workshops held by photographic companies

– Drones
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– 360c cameras
– Lomography cameras
– Film cameras
– Polaroid / Instant photo cameras (Polaroid / Fuji)

Specific resources –

DSLR, SLT, and MILC cameras with HD video (comparison) –

*** Interchangeable Lens Cameras (Summary – Wikipedia)-

Agfa Film –
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Canon guides – Search for PDF guides and brochures for Bodies and Lenses
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– Compact Cameras –

Canon EOS digital cameras –

– Canon – Camera lens range –
Lens varieties – Wide Angle, Telephoto, Prime, Fisheye, Macro, Standard Zoom, Cinema, Broadcast, Tilt-Shift, Extenders, Accessories

Digital Camera Warehouse (Store) –
– Facebook –
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Digi direct –
Digital Picture (The) – (Camera buying portal – guides to lenses and bodies) –
Digital trends – Camera advice blog –

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* Michaels Cameras (Melbourne Camera Retailer – often have camera events) – and camera school –
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Officeworks – Cameras and drones ––drones-robotics

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Interchangable lens cameras –
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Camera bodies:
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Accessories –
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Lenses –
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Audio recorders –

Shop –
Support –

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Sirui Tripods

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Tech radar – Camera and device comparison –
* Ted’s Cameras (Melbourne Camera retailer – often have camera events) –

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* Top ten reviews (Digital camera reviews, rankings and ratings) –

Verge –

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Zomei Tripods


Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International –
Australian Certified UAV Operators Organisation
Australian drone licensing – RPAS Certification (RePL) –

Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia (CASA) –
– Flying for fun –
– Flying commercially –
– Can I fly there – Drone safety app – and
– Resources and links –
– Using your drones near emergencies –
– Complain about unsafe drones –

List of certified drone operators –

DXO Mark – Mobile phone camera reviews –

Drone stores:
– Just Drones –
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Drone Makers
– Drone Manufacturers –

– DJI-
DJI – Australia and New Zealand –
– Facebook –

– DJI Showcase –
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– Parrot –
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360 degree video and photography – Types
360c videos and photography
3d videos
Virtual reality videos and photography
Augmented reality video and photography

360 degree video and photography – Online portals
Facebook 360 –

360 degree video and photography – Editing
360 degree stitching – Kolor –

360 degree video and photography – Equipment and gear –
Samsung Gear 360
Ricoh Theta S
Giroptic 360 Cam
ALLie Camera
Facebook – Surround 360 –

Photography – Camera Gear (Recommended)

– Canon 60D (SLR)
– Canon 5d
– Canon EOS M6 (Mirrorless – Good for vlogging)
– Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera – Wi-Fi Enabled(Compact Camera)
– Canon s120 (Compact Camera)
– Olympus OMD (Interchangeable lens Camera)
– Olympus Pen E-PL5 (Interchangeable lens Camera)
– Canon s120
– Fujifilm x100F

Camera – Lenses:
– 24 to 70mm lens
– 85mm
– Prime lens

Camera – Accessories:
– Camera Umbrella (Maintains light)

Camera – Flash
– Canon 430ESII Speedlite Flash
– Nikon SB 800 speedlite

Camera – Microphone
– Rode microphone

Video / Active media:
– Go pro hero 4

Video / Active media – Accessories:
– Underwater housing

Photography – Underwater Cameras – Specific Resources

Gopro (Underwater freindly and action camera / video) –
Gopro – Accessories – Dive housing –
Gopro – Mounts –
Top ten reviews – Underwater Camera reviews and Ratings –
Toms Guides – Best underwater Cameras –,review-2194.html

Photography – Olympus EPL-5 – Specific Resources
– Video type – Only .MOV

Lens Hero – Top and recommended lenses –
Olympus – E-PL5 Summary Page –


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