Online General Language Learning

101 languages – – Spanish portal –

Anki (Create online language learning flashcards) –
Asia Options – Learning Hindi Online –

Australian national dictionary centre (By Australian national university) –

Babbel (Language learning app and online learning – Free and paid) –
– Magazine –
BBC Languages –

Bilingual Stories (Language promotion and coaching) –
Busuu –
Duolingo –
– Duolingo for schools –
– Duolingo clubs

Drops – Language learning –

Esperanto (Known as a second global language) –
Find fluency –

Fluent in three months by Benny – Blog – and
– Pareto method –
– Language gym –
– Language hacking by benny (teach your self guides) language. – and and
– Forum –

FluentU (Online Language Learning) –
Fluenz (Online lanuage tools for immigrants) –
Forvo (Language word pronounciation tool) –
HI Native (Language app – Linked with Lang8) –
Irregular endings (Language flashcards and resources shop) –
Italki (Online language 1-1 teaching) – and (Language tips)
I will teach you a language –
Japanese Test 4 You –
Jisho – Japan characters –
Lang 8 (Online language writing correction) –

Latin Dictionary –

Lingq (Online language learning community) –
Linguee (Language Dictionary) –
Linguistics Roadshow – Australian Liguistics website –
Lingvo (European Language and linguistics portal sponsored by the EU) –
Living Language (Online language learning systems and online classes / series) –
Mango Languages –

Memrise (Online language learning) – and
Mimic Method (Free and paid online language pronounciation learning) –
My Language portal –

Nations online – language portal –
NHK World (Japanese radio and TV) – Language –
Omnigot – (Encyclopedia of language systems and learning) –

Open culture – Free language lessons –

Readlang (Online website learning tool – translates various English words into chosen language) –
Skilled up – Foreign Languages (Online Free and Paid language learning) –
Spanish Pod 101 –

Tofugu (Japanese Language and Culture Guides) – AND and facebook –

Tofugu – Japanese learning resources –
Tofugu – Learn hiragana –

Verbal Planet (Online paid language learning and tutors) –
Verbling (Online language courses) –
WaniKani (Kanji Japanese Learning) –

Wasabi japanese learn –

**** Wikipedia – Languages (Portal) – and

Wikipedia – Languages by Continent –

Wikipedia – Countries and languages list –

Wikipedia – List of languages by number of countries in which they are recognised as an official language –

Wikipedia – List of languages by number of native speakers –
Wikipedia – World language –
Wikipedia – Lists of Languages (includes by Region) –
Wikipedia – List of official languages by country and territory –
Wikitravel – Foreign Language Dictionaries (Portal and Index of free language guides) –
Wikitravel – Talk –

World Nomads (Languages) – http://journals.worldn
Wikipedia – Languages of the European Union –

Wikipedia – List of Latin phrases –

Wikipedia – List of countries by spoken languages –

Wikipedia – Languages of the European Union –

Wikipedia – Languages by Continent –

* World Standards – World language alphabets used –
Yabla (Language learning videos – Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese English) –

Notable languages (By World Region)



Americas (North, Central, South) and Caribbean
American Indian languages

Asia (Subcontinent, South East, North)
Chinese – Cantonese
Chinese – Mandarin

Gaelic (Irish)

Middle East and Central Asia

Pacific / Oceania
Aboriginal Australia
Australian english lingo
Pacific island languages

Language practice techniques
– Listen to radio
– Read newspapers / publications
– Attend language meet ups
– Language books and self guided programmes
– Online language resource websites
– Electronic apps
– Practice with a friend / colleague / family
– Travel to the country
– University language club

Language Translation Services / Apps / Organisations / Online

** Australian Translating services –
Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association (AULLA) –
Community Languages Australia –

Do talk – Translation app –

Google Translate –

Wordlens (Photographic language translation) –
– Wordmap (Global visual word mapping by Google) –

Language professionals Australia –

* Langscape (Global visual mapping of world Languages) –

Mili (Language translation device) –
Modern language teachers association of victoria –

National accreditation authority for translators and interpreters Australia –

SBS – Your language (Individual language portals) –
SBS Language Translation Services –

Translating and interpreter service – Department of home affairs –
Victorian Government – Language Learning Portal (School age resources) –

Language loop (Powering Victorian Institute of translators) –

Services: Business Documents, Personal Document Translation, Document Translation, Business multimedia, Pre-recorded language lines, Onsite Interpreting, Telephone Interpreting, Video Interpreting.
– Interpreting services –
– Translation services –
– Australia post translation –

Victorian association for teachers of Spanish –

International language and culture official national organisations:

– Includes specific cultural and language schools as part of the foreign nations government and promotion. These range from formal education for young children to community outreach.

Aboriginal – Australia
– Victorian aborginal corporation for languages –

English – British Council –

French – French language schools in France –
French – Alliance France – Melbourne French courses –

Italian – Centre for Italian studies (Melbourne) –

Spanish – Cervantes Spanish language institute –
Cervantes Institute (Official Spanish Government Language Organisation – Online and in person language learning) – Sydney –

Japanese – Japan Foundation – Sydney –

German – Goethe Institut – German language learning Melbourne –

Swedish – Sweden Abroad ––New-Zealand/
– Online –

Face-to-Face Language Learning / Language Schools

Cactus Language (Language classes – worldwide portal) –

CAE Language Courses – Melbourne –

CAE Languages –
Ancient greek, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Croatian, Danish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese,

COASIT – Italian learning and culture Melbourne –
Conversation Exchange (Language meetups) –
El Patio Spanish (Melbourne CBD and Northcote – face to face learning) –
Farolito Spanish School – South Yarra –

Fluent fast Language meetups Melbourne –
French Journey (French language learning) –

Hola con lola – Spanish language –

In Language Boutique Melbourne (Face to face Learning) –
Japan Easy Mebourne (Face to face learning) –

Japanese Melbourne Language School (Face to face learning) –
JIC Language School Melbourne (Japanese Language Face to face and cultural courses) –

Language Connection (Language meetups in Melbourne) –
Lapont French language cenre –
Lingos Melbourne – Language meetups –

Lyceum Language School –
Meetup (Language Meetups) –
* Mundo Lingo (Language Meet ups – sponsored by Trip advisor) – and (Facebook)
Spanish Cat (The) – (Melbourne – face to face learning) –

STA Travel – Overseas language courses –
University / Vocational education providers
– Includes language clubs, culture clubs, learning and more.

University of Melbourne –

Victorian School of Language (Prep to Year 12) –

Vocational language learning centre (Melbourne CBD) –
We do Spanish –

Language Learning Publications and Bookshops:

*Refer to the Travel Publications page* under the header of “Language Learning Publications and language specific bookshops”.

Sign Language (including Auslan) for communication with the deaf or hearing impaired community

Auslan – Australian sign language organisation
Melbourne Polytechnic – Auslan Sign language training –
Sign Planet – Portal to international systems of sign language –

Vicdeaf – (Auslan sign language Classes in Victoria, Australia and other resources) –

Australian relay service – Deaf, hearing or speech impaired? and Contact the National Relay Service: Call 1800 555 660

Braille / Touch communication – for communication with the blind or sight impaired community