Google Travel Search Tips

Google without question is the largest internet search engine in the world and is used by millions each and everyday. But what is not widely known is the useful capabilities and “shortcuts”, which with a simple google search and the right keywords can generate handy results for when travelling.

Some of the keyword shortcuts / search tips catered for travellers are detailed below.

  • Substitute – Substitute the red terms with your equivalent area terms for your own successful google search.
  • ” (Talking Marks) – The words between the ” (talking marks) are what is to be typed in for the certain search type.
  • Via Phone app – Some functions of the google search are only available via a cell/phone Google app.




Attraction / Place – Location
“Where’s the Empire State Building?”

Attractions – Query
“What are some attractions in New York City?”

Currency conversions
Australian dollars to US dollars
1 AUD equals how many USD

– Pulls up a summary of areas of interest, travel guides and more depending on the search terms and breadth of search.

“X destinations” will return a grid of destinations for a state, country or continent, while “X vacation” or “X travel” returns a travel guide for a city, state or country.
– Includes Suggested itineraries, top sights, when to visit, videos.

Melbourne Destinations” – City
Victoria Destinations” – State
Australia Destinations” – Country
Europe Destinations” – Region

Flight details – Specific (Same day only)
Emirates Flight number 640″

Flight Schedules (Weekly Summary)
Melbourne to Singapore flights”

Timetable “A” to “B”
Schedule “A’ to “B”

Food / Menu
“Show me the menu for Los Cubanos.”

Identify the song (via phone app)
“What’s this song?”

Note to self (via phone app)
“Note to self: Hello.”

Top sightsTravel planner – map –
– Search by location for top sights –

Sunrise or Sunset (Same day)
Melbourne Sunrise”
Melbourne Sunset”

Time – Current in Location
Melbourne Time”

Time Difference
“Time difference Melbourne and Tokyo

Tip calculator (Works out how much to tip)
“Tip Calculator” – Pulls up the tip calculator tool

Tourism Points of interest
– Pulls up a summary of points of interest depending on the search terms and breadth of search.

Melbourne Tourism” – City
Victoria Tourism” – State
Australia Tourism” – Country
Europe Tourism” – Region

Translate / Language
“Translate” – Pulls up the translate tool.
“Translate Spanish to English
“What does Hola mean in English

Twitter post (via phone app)
“Post to Twitter, just got a new phone!”

Visa Information
“Do Australians need a visa for Singapore

Melbourne Weather”


“Restaurants” “(city) (Country)”

– Directions from “(Location 1) to (Location 2)

Google maps – developers – Supported types of places –

Google image search – Upload image and then matches to see if it exists –

Google – On keywords – (location – city or country) + destinations

Google – Travel locations
– Top sights
– Itineries
– When to visit
– Videos

Google – Your places (accessed via google maps)
– Labelled
– Saved places
– Upcoming
– Visited
– Maps

Google maps – Mapping options
– Traffic
– Earth
– Transit
– Bicycling
– Terrain

Google maps – Location – nearby
– Restaurants
– Hotels
– Bars and pubs

Google maps – Areas
– Explore
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Coffee and snacks
– Dinner
– drinks

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