Wifi access (international access)

Look for the wifi zone sign or ask the owner of the centre/shop for how to access the free wifi and the applicable passcode. On occasions they may request you make a purchase to allow obtaining the passcode.

Usual places for free wifi:
– Shopping centres
– Cafes
– Airports
– Train stations

(insert regional breakdown of wifi access)

Japan – Free wifi on trains and starbucks.

Hot tip:
– If you put a “?.jpg” to the end of most URLs in an airport, you can get free Wi-Fi without having to login or pay.

World Wifi internet access

– Includes pocket / portal wifi devices and hotspot services (Rent or Buy)

Wikitravel – internet access while travelling abroad –

Fon (International Wifi hotspots) –
Global WiFi Finder (App) –
Global WiFi hotspot locator –

Hotel wifi test –
Karma – Wifi device –

Melbourne city (Australia) – Free wifi- and

Wifi mapper –

Wikivoyage – Internet Access (Guide to Internet Access around the world) –

Wifox – Airport wifi locator –

World Standards – World Internet Country Domain website endings (Nationally used per country) –
Worldwide Internet cafes –

Xcom global (Global Wifi device and service) –

Wifi internet device rental

Skyroam –

Mobile roaming – Calls and internet

Travelling overseas with your mobile phone can be risky, in terms of the potential costs you can occur if you are with your home country provider with the global roaming. Far too often in the news and from friends, you hear about receiving exorbitant phone bills which could have easily been prevented.
Before you head off overseas, make sure your Smartphone is unlocked so you can utilise a third party’s sim card and services.

Your communications provider may require an unlocking fee to be paid – if you are still within the contract terms of your plan. My advice is to not use your service provider overseas, unless there is a facility where you won’t be charged international roaming prices. Keep in mind, that overseas you may be liable for the costs to receive calls, so a friendly call from someone at home who doesn’t know you are overseas can create bill dramas.

This goes for mobile phone internet, where bill shock is becoming a growing problem. With the extensive availability of WIFI across the world, there should be no reason to have the internet from your service provider on. In your phone settings, simply find the function where you can turn your network internet off – and leave it off until your return in your home country. In your accommodations, airports and also around shopping districts, you can connect with the Wifi service (some may require you to obtain a password from the administrator of the Wifi service).

But, if you are clever you can still enjoy the premium of having a mobile phone when you travel and also make / receive calls. There are many ways to go about this, but I’ll just briefly mention a few ways:

Dual sim card smart phone:

Firstly you can buy a global travel sim card. In Australia, Woolworths offer this product in all their supermarkets across the nation and acts like a prepaid card service. The calls of the costs are calculated on which countries you are travelling within, so how you stretch the credit can vary greatly from one user to the next. More information on the Woolworths travel sim card can be found here:

Alternatively in the country you are within, you can pay a visit to the local convenience stores. They would sell both the sim cards and also calling card (calling cards are great but not so great if landline phone numbers are not readily available) – I’d stick with the sim card option which gives you greater flexibility and portability on the go. Be careful when buying as the card would be in the native language of the country you are in and you may accidently buy a variation of what you originally intended to buy. Pay special attention if you can use it in neighbouring nations too, so that you get the best value and don’t have to buy a sim card in each of the nations you are travelling to.

The most recommended way (in my opinion) is to utilise the accessibility of WIFI in your accommodation and other places which they are available on your travels. Have Skype installed on you smart phone, laptop or other electronic platforms and then you can make free calls Skype to Skype- and for a very small fee to mobile or landlines. Important is to have the device plugged into the charger, as the device can run out of power if you don’t. What I often do is to call the mobile or landline of the person I want to speak to and then request them to jump on Skype (if they are in the position to do so at the time). This saves you spending your Skype credit and also the facility to do video calling.

The advice from the Australian government’s website is very useful and contains several tips and tricks to not get stung with excessive fees:

o ACMA – International mobile roaming fact sheet –

Mobile phone telephone network types

World time zone – Network comparisons –
Australian phone networks and frequencies –


Electronic Communication (Includes Telephone and electronic communication apps)
– Includes international Sim cards by region, country or international roaming.
– Sim card providers in each country and/or region – need to ensure mobile telephone is compatible with their service

Australian Mobile Telephones (and lost telephone) :
Lost telephone reporting –
Find out telephone imei – Press: *#060#
Call telco to block iemei if telephone is stolen and advise police

Australia post – Travel Sim –
Avant Card Postcards –
Cisco Jabber (Video Conferencing)
Cisco VC unit

Facebook live chat –
Facebook Messenger –
Facebook Messenger – Mobile –
Frequency Check (World mobile phone frequencies) –

Google duo – video chat –
Google – Hangouts –

Google FI project – telephone and wireless sim communication service –
– International rates –

Hoot Suite –
Kik –
Line – telephone app –
Microsoft Lync –

Skout – Travel Meeting people –
Skype –
Skype – Translator –
Telegram – Messaging app –

Truphone (One Simcard over international countries at local rates) –

Viber –

YB Tracking (World wide adventure tracker tool and service) –

Whats App –

Woolworths Global Sim –
Worldsim –

Wikipedia – List of mobile network operators –
Wikipedia – Lists of mobile phone companies –
Wikipedia – Mobile virtual network operators –
Wikipedia – List of telephone operating companies –

Mobile Network Operators in Australia –
Australian mobile virtual network operators –

International internet cables

Submarine cable map –

International sim cards – Purchasing stores / websites

Travel gear – International sim cards –

International sim cards – Recommended by region


Americas – Caribbean

Americas – Central

Americas – North

Americas – South

Asia – North

Asia – South east asia

Asia – Sub continent

– Europe wide sim card

Middle east and central asia

Pacific islands and Oceania

International Dialling Numbers

– Tip – Calling out of country press 0011 then the rest of the number

Wikipedia – List of Country calling codes –

Amadeus – International dialling codes –

Australian government – Telephone and area codes –

Country Calling Codes –

How to call abroad – List of country codes and international exit codes –

Local Phone directories

– Yellow Pages –
– White pages –

Canada – Canada directory –

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