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With a love and interest for travel with an intrigue for the wonders of the world out there, it led to the creation of ‘Life though the lens – Travel Tales’ blog (complementing the travel photography blog on Tumblr).

The blog was created to share the unique experiences and landscapes I have come across in my travels – within Australia and around the world in general. Also providing my personal travel tips, advice and links to travel resources on the internet – These come in great use when planning your travels. Hence why I refer to the blog as also a travel portal.

In addition on the Facebook page (and sometimes on this blog) – I will often post great travel videos, new products, events and also news which would affect travellers.

Travel offers the people the chance to broaden horizons, meet new people, learn new ways of doing things and generally to appreciate the diversity and wonder of our world – an education on the road. My hope through this website is to share a bit of my travels, but at the same time to make planning DIY travel more easier to plan and be economical.

Feel free to provide feedback – such as if links need updating, information is out of date or if you have come across a website or product that you find is very useful. Or even personal tips.


– Anthony




About Me


Residing in Melbourne, Australia (The best city in the world I may add) and coming from a Spanish background, the travelling has always been a major interest growing up.

Ranging from the wonder and diversity of the cultures, to languages and different ways of living. With university studies in Business and an entrepreneurial mind, I have been involved in many professional areas ranging from events, social media co-ordination, logistics management and also professional training. Each day is a new opportunity to experience something new and to make a lasting difference in the world (or specifically someones life).


When not out and about exploring Melbourne with my camera – (taking photography and finding new hot spots of the city), you’ll probably find me either:

Working in the garden (and veggie patch), doing a new course/learning, catching up with friends around Melbourne’s cafes/restaurants, planning the next business venture or tempted into shopping at Daiso (yet again). Making the most of the great city and life in general.

Feel free to contact me via email for submissions for travel articles/work, business opportunities, networking and also if you would simply like to ask a question. (Click on ‘contact me‘ link at the top of the page).

– Anthony

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Why the name ‘Life through the Lens’?

– A picture is worth a thousand words. Not usually good with written expression and words.

Favourite Countries and Destinations

Where I’ve Been

Best / Favourite Travel Moments

  • Staying in a cliff side homely accommodation residence in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy and waking up to views of the Mediterranean Sea every morning. The residence had lovely gardens and grew their own produce.
  • Strolling around the Arashiyama area of Kyoto, Japan and the scenery of the mist rolling down the hillsides. Walking through the bamboo forests, entering small artisan handicraft shops and secluded temples.
  • Witnessing the New Years eve festivities and massive fireworks display in Sydney, Australia from a chartered boat in the middle of harbour.
  • Leaving Madrid, Spain back to Australia in Madrid Bajaras airport at the exact time during the euro 2012 football tournaments’ final match between Spain and Italy. On the plane (which was delayed for take off) the game was playing out via people’s telephone internet access and with Spain winning, the entire plane and captain bursting into joy each time a goal was scored in Spain’s favor. Spain winning in the end.
  • Staying in canal water-side accommodation in Venice, Italy and sitting in the window cavity in the morning, watching the activities and boats within the canal.
  • Road tripping through banana, tropical fruit plantations and natural landmarks in the Cairns, Queensland, Australia “Great green way” and Atherton tablelands region. Stopping to purchase fresh produce from the farm gate and experiencing Paronella Park
  • Listening to how a Karen Tribe mother in the Maesa area of Chiang Mai, Thailand learnt to speak and understand English from tourists and continually practice through conversing with out any formal education.  They spoke a high level of English which is truly amazing.
  • Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Queensland, Australia in various locations and seeing the diverse marine life upfront. Like a giant aquarium.
  • Roaming the Dotonbori area of Osaka, Japan during Halloween and joining in the fun of fancy dress – taking pictures and witnessing the carnival atmosphere of the occasion.
  • Exploring the vast array of diverse Angkor temples near Siem reap, Cambodia and witnessing sunset from Phnom Bakeng nearby, a temple complex atop a large hill which overlooks the Cambodian countryside.
  • Standing atop the summit cross on Mount Pilatus in Lucerne, Switzerland above the misty clouds and taking in the pristine heaven like scenery from the high elevation. Mist and cloud rolling over the mountain so effortlessly.

Forgettable / Challenging Travel Moments

  • In Dubai, United Arab Emirates. – On the way to the international airport and having our taxi driver ask us to exit his car on the side of the busy highway in 40 degree heat, as he had another client to attend to. Ended up with our luggage on the side of the road hailing another taxi.
  • In Bangkok, Thailand. Having our taxi driver “Mr. Holiday” take us to gem shops and commission places, when we were running late to the international airport.
  • In Noosa, Queensland, Australia. Walking from Noosaville to Noosa Civic shopping centre (quite a distance) and finding out that public transport service offerings had stopped for the night when we wanted to return with no taxis in sight. We started to attempt to walk back and realised we were headed in the wrong direction towards Brisbane. In the end a store owner gave us a lift back to the Noosa River area.
  • In Naples, Italy. Transiting through the train station from Rome, heading to Sorrento and being hassled by “junkies” wielding wooden sticks knowing we were tourists (meaning money and opportunities for petty crime). Had to be assisted by the local station police to chaperone us to the Circumvesuviana train, in the concourse nearby.