People stuffed onto a train in Tokyo, Japan – Video

Fortunately when I was in Tokyo, I didn’t have to experience the notorious peak hour rush on the public transport system. And looking at this video I’m glad avoid all of it. Here in Melbourne, Australia we have congested trains (that’s partly due to the prehistoric train infrastructure we have not changing anytime soon) but that’s nothing compared to literally being squeezed onto the train like in Tokyo.

In the video, you see people being groped and plied into any empty space possible on the train carriage. The train station staff certainly can’t complain they don’t get a workout during their working hours. Though I would question why you would get on a train like this – imagine its your next stop and your stuck in the middle. Surely you can wait for the next train which is 3-4 minutes away (Japanese punctuality at its best). On second thoughts, that may be as full. Oh well, that’s Tokyo for you

– Anth


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