Singapore Changi Airport – Jewel Project

Having recently returned from my trip in Singapore, I’d thought I’d seen all the amazing sights and developments in the city-state. Looking to equal (or exceed) the sheer awe of the Gardens by the Bay project, the ‘Jewel’ project to be built-in between the 3 major terminals of Singapore Changi Airport, proves a stunner.

In short, the project (which started construction this week) will consist of a giant glass dome with a lush rainforest garden,  complete with waterfall and underneath a multi level shopping mall. Complete with multi level car park – how very Singaporean. Having been voted the best airport in the world annually, this new project is sure to tempt travellers to arrive to the airport with ample time to enjoy the city within a city. The concept and visualisation of the project is jaw dropping to say the least.

Have a look at the video below for the visualisation.

– Anth

More info:


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