Yarraville Popup Park (Opinion)


So the Maribyrnong Council have voted against having the Yarraville popup park returning for the summer time – only two counsellors in favor of its return.

For the past two years, the road in front of Sun theatre (from Late November to Late March) had been blocked off and had a setting with faux grass and public seating set up. For the locals it was an opportunity to sit around and mingle with one another. One argument for the pop-up park was that there was not much open space in the heart of Yarraville, yet opponents had pointed out there was sufficient park space like Yarraville Gardens already. And also pointing out that local Yarraville traders had a decline in sales, due to the road closure caused by the pop up park.

The pop up park was certainly such a hit that the Maribyrnong council has decided to copy the scheme in three other areas of the municipality – yet ironically the main location which started it all is a no-show. My personal persuasions to this popup park in Yarraville is neither for or against. What would be encouraging for the council to do in lieu of the pop up park in Yarraville is to have events which bring the community together in the upcoming summer period eg in Yarraville gardens. This will appease those who were for the pop-up park and also local traders. There is always room for compromise and hopefully both the council, residents and local traders can come to the table with another great event or community building scheme.

Background information and picture source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/west/maribyrnong-council-will-not-bring-back-the-popup-park-back-to-yarraville-this-summer-because-it-wants-to-roll-it-out-to-other-suburbs/story-fngnvmj7-1226764251607