San Andres -Colombia

Definately the jewel of the Colombian Caribbean region is the San Andres Island. Unusual in the fact that its a fair distance from the mainland and actually closer to Nicaragua (theres history behind it all), nether the less in the end is Colombian. Pristine beaches and imagery of tropical nirvana is just that too tenpting. Its right up there on my travel to visit list.

- Anth

Safety is global – United inflight safety video

Air safety videos are not what they used to be! Now many of them are full on productions (movie like) – think Air new zealand with their rgeularly changing safety videos ranging from Lord of the rings to more cheeky videos they’ve done. Now United airlines has jumped on board with creativity, in an innovative yet playful video.


By: United

Belize – Discover how to be

Think Central america and you usually think of Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica. But hey why not Belize! The tourism office from Belize ( have created a very engaging tourism campaign with visually enticing videos and a wealth of information on their website. The video let alone is pretty epic. Check it out!

- Anth