Welcome to Doha – Timelapse Film

As you may now by now, timelapse photography/film always gets me with its simplicity and captivating visions. “Welcome to Doha” by filmmaker Michael Shainblum, captures the uniqueness of Doha and its arid landscapes – with the modern city rising from the desert sands.

- Anth

Welcome To Doha Timelapse from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.

San Andres -Colombia

Definately the jewel of the Colombian Caribbean region is the San Andres Island. Unusual in the fact that its a fair distance from the mainland and actually closer to Nicaragua (theres history behind it all), nether the less in the end is Colombian. Pristine beaches and imagery of tropical nirvana is just that too tenpting. Its right up there on my travel to visit list.

- Anth